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Rebellious youth versus profit-obsessed corporations in "Ready Player One"?

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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant

That's a great review, Awix. I had plenty of fun watching it, even if I didn't pick up on every reference. Of course, I had read an article pointing many of them out before I saw the film. Oh, well. The pace is so fast that whatever you don't notice gives way to something else equally interesting.

I'm a little concerned about your statement that "while watching the new Tomb Raider movie is more fun than is the case with either
of the Angelina Jolie ones, the same can be said for sawing off your own feet." That must have been painful, unless you were just hypothesizing. I *hope* you were hypothesizing. I had enough pain from an ankle sprain, let alone anything more severe, and I would rather not imagine anything that bad.

As for rebellious youth versus profit-seeking corporations, I see it as a generational standoff. The rebellious youth may well be working for the corporations in ten or fifteen years, and their attitude toward capitalism may be refracted through a very different lens, namely the realization that when you're raising a family or planning for a retirement standard of living that beats living on cat food, having corporate profits come into your life would not be the worst thing that could happen to you. In my country, we have over 40 million people who have retirement accounts. You have no realistic chance of a decent retirement without at least some stocks in those accounts. Bonds and bank interest are just not going to get you there. There are socially responsible mutual funds, though, so the worst excesses might be avoided.

Anyway, no hamsters were harmed in the making of the movie, so that's all good. smiley - smiley

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Rebellious youth versus profit-obsessed corporations in "Ready Player One"?

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