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Um, I was able to pretend it was Summer

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paulh. the world is a circus, but why d I have to work without a net?

Hi, Awix.

When I saw "Peter Rabbit," I was so fed up with Winter that I was half insane. A couple of hours pretending it was Summer was worth the price of admission, no matter how the actual movie was. I didn't much care for the conga line of sassy animals. I liked the romantic leads, even if young MacGregor seemed to be a sociopath and young Bea seemed to have wandered in from some other movie, for all her relevance to this one mattered.

And then you admitted to having missed the Paddington movies? I think you are the unreliable narrator the rest of us have been warned about. Paddington is the cream of the crop. To be a true movie-lover is to be willing to go to films you enjoy. If you waste your time with dreck, how can you get respect?

Probably an off day for you, though. The sun'll come out tomorrow and things will look better. But don't waste time or money on that recent "update" of "Annie," which is worse than "Peter Rabbit" by a degree of magnitude. Or am I now turning into the unreliable narrator?

Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

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Um, I was able to pretend it was Summer

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