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Do you see your true colours shining through?

Colourful Songs: Answers

Here are the colourful song titles.

  1. The Angels Wanna Wear My RedShoes. (Elvis Costello)
  2. Nitrogen Pink. (Polly Scattergood)
  3. The Power of Orange Knickers. (Tori Amos)
  4. Big YellowTaxi. (Joni Mitchell)
  5. Big Green Tractor. (Jason Aldean)
  6. Cat Turned Blue. (Rusted Root)
  7. MoodIndigo (Duke Ellington)
  8. Under a Violet Moon. (Blackmore's Night)
  9. Kiko and the Lavender Moon. (Los Lobos)
  10. The Rainbow Connection. (Kermit the Frog)

This is for SashaQ, who makes good rainbow pictures.

Somewhere at the end of a rainbow
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