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Can you think of a snappy caption for this odd picture? Of course you can. You're a h2g2 Researcher.

Show Some Backbone

A human spine.

Here's the Post Editor's story:

Every month, I go to visit my chiropractor. Dr E. is ebullient, friendly, and above all, strong. He radiates confidence, which is the kind of thing I like to see in someone who is about to bend me into a pretzel and make my neck go snap, crackle, and pop. (I always feel better afterwards.)

On my last trip, I happened to be in a different treatment room from the usual, and I noticed something odd in the corner. Though, come to think of it, how odd could it be to see a spine in a chiropractor's office? But unattached to the rest of a skeleton like that, it was a bit disconcerting. I asked about it.

real', the Doc said with ill-concealed glee. We checked the date stamped on the pelvis: 1953. That disembodied spine is almost as old as I am. Could I take a photo to show h2g2? Heck, yeah. . .

So what do you think? Does this objet speak to you? What does it say?

Give us a witty caption. And send more photos!

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