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I love U too

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SashaQ - happysad

I completed the matching here as I'm well acquainted with my local uppen-chocks smiley - ok

The main round contained some surprises, though - I didn't get unbelievun, underground or unthaw...

smiley - ok

I love U too

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I'm glad that you're still enjoying the quiz. smiley - smiley
I don't know what I'll do once I've finished writing the last 4 letters. Try to summarise it all in a 2,000 word entry for Peer Review I suppose...


I love U too

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SashaQ - happysad

That would be good if you could write it up into an Entry - it is interesting about what resources there are about the dialect, and the unique words are worthy of consideration in particular, as well as some of the key examples and poems/poets etc smiley - ok

I don't know of any official sources for other dialects, but I do have a couple of books - 'Learn Yerself Scouse' and 'Let's Talk Leicester' - that I find very amusing and useful smiley - laughsmiley - ok

I love U too

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I have a copy of the Bible in Yorkshire dialect that I got as a present from my inlaws:

One day Moses were art and abart tending to sheep at edge of desert near Horeb when dead sudden like this bush sets on fire. "By eck!" says Moses. "A burning bush what int burning."
"Aye up Moses," says this Angel of God who were int bush. "How's tha bin?"
Well Moses were fair taken aback I can tell thi. Int every day what a Angel appears in a bush is it? And he were so scared as he daren't look. "Aye up Angel," says Moses. "What's tha want?"
"Nar then," Angel says. He were talking for God see so he says, "I am God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, tha knows." And then he says, dead serious like, he says, "I've seen what's bin goin on in Egypt like, and I've come to put record straight. Am goin to tek people of Israel out on Egypt and tek 'em to a place what's got land flowing wi' milk and honey and all that stuff. This is place where Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites live. I've heard them Israel lot weepin' and that," says Angel. "And I know what them Egyptians have bin up to. So am goin to send thi to Pharaoh and tha's goin to demand as he lets 'em all go."
Well Moses blinks a bit nar dunt he. "Tha must be joking!" says Moses. "Am not man for a job like that!" Well Moses has a think abart this, like tha would, and he says, "If I go to people of Israel and tell 'em that God's sent me they'll say, 'Gi'ooer! What God are tha talking abart?' And then where will I be eh?"
"Tell 'em that I Am has sent thi."
"I am what?" says Moses.
"I am The I Am," says God.
"Shall we start at beginning," says Moses. "Only tha's lost me somewhere."
"Just...just tell 'em Moses! Tell 'em that t'old God of their ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has sent thi. Get all t'old folk, them elders of Israel and tell 'em abart Jehovah appearing to thi in a bush and that I telt thi to tell 'em as I've seen what's bin goin on. And I'm goin to rescue 'em and tek 'em to a land wi' milk and honey and stuff."
"Oh ah," Moses says. "I can imagine how that'll go darn." Moses weren't dead chuffed abart this I can tell thi and God tells him a bit more.
"King of Egypt's dead stubborn and he'll not let thi go less he's under a bit of pressure like. So I'll put pressure on him summat rotten. I'll duff up Egypt a bit and by time am through they'll be giving thi gold and food and all manner of stuff just to see back of thi."

Mind you, I've read that just in Leeds alone there were traditionally about a dozen different dialects in use in different areas, so the idea of a single dialect being in use across all of Yorkshire isn't quite accurate.


I love U too

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

Nah, the Prof says there are huge differences in a short distance throughout Yorkshire. smiley - smiley It must be as bad as the Rhineland for variety.

I used to have a book of Psalms in Cologne dialect, till a colleague stole it...

One of the great dialect translations was by Clarence Jordan, a Georgia farmer and Greek scholar who influenced Jimmy Carter's family when he was growing up - and inspired the creation of Habitat for Humanity. His 'Cotton Patch Bible' reset the whole story in rural Georgia, USA:

'When Jesus was born in Gainesville, Georgia during the time that Herod was governor, some scholars from the Orient came to Atlanta and inquired, "Where is the one who was born to be governor of Georgia? We saw his star in the Orient, and we came to honor him." This news put Governor Herod and all his cronies in a tizzy. So he called a meeting of the big time preachers and politicians, and asked if they had any idea where the Leader was to be born.'

The flight into Egypt becomes a journey to Mexico. Then...

'So he packed up and took the child and his mother, and returned to the South. He heard that Herod’s boy Archelaus was governor of Alabama and so he was scared to settle down there. He was given instructions in a dream to go on over into south Georgia to the city of Valdosta. (This gave meaning to the prophet’s word: "He shall be called a Valdostan.")'

Then John the Baptist shows up:

'This guy John was dressed in blue jeans and a leather jacket, and he was living on corn bread and collard greens. Folks were coming to him from Atlanta and all over north Georgia and the backwater of the Chattahoochee. And as they owned up to their crooked ways he dipped them in the Chattahoochee.'

This was volatile stuff in some quarters. Jordan's followers were investigated for 'communism' during the Eisenhower administration. smiley - rofl

I love U too

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SashaQ - happysad

""Aye up Angel," says Moses. "What's tha want?""

smiley - laughsmiley - roflsmiley - laugh

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