A Conversation for The God of Lens Flare


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Lovely shot, the light on the sea makes some very interesting circular effects. Pink Sun petals this one's got it all. smiley - applause


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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

I really liked this, it even has a mysterious orb at the bottom which I don't think was a solar flare.


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

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Thanks all! smiley - kiss

Pink Sun petals. Oh yes, divine poetry!

A mysterious orb?? Really?? I'll check. smiley - rofl I think pointing my phone directly at the sun might have done funny things to the camera bits.

I shall speak to the orb though, and ask it about its grandmother, the nutritional benefits of salad, and does it like the ethereal electronic sound of The Orb?

I knew someone who talked to orbs. She saw them in the garden.


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Orbs in the garden? Snails!


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

I liked the orb on the water, too! smiley - magic

Reminds me of Brian May from Queen - in 2004 he wrote about Orbs in photographs, and it was fascinating indeed. I can't find the original article now, unfortunately, but I did find he put a slideshow of orbs on his website in 2012 http://www.brianmay.com/brian/briannews/briannewsnov12a.html His orbs are more fuzzy than the one you captured, interestingly smiley - biggrin


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heheh yes, neon snails. smiley - rofl

Really? Interesting about Brian May, and orbs in photos! I think it's particularly a digital camera phenomenon?

The one hovering around him in that picture is amazing, because its kind of patterned, a mandala type orb. An orb with quality design.

'Cos he's a rockstar and I aint. smiley - rofl. So I get the economy version. smiley - rofl. Yer basic orb, which I didn't even notice. It's funny how round it is, doesn't look like a light reflection.


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Ah! Been reading up about orbs in photograhy. Either when a flash is used, or when the digital camera is pointed at a source of bright light.

Well, no flash used, but it was pointed directly at the sun,therefore illuminating a speck of dust or drop of moisture.

Why is it completely circular though? Must be to do with the lens refraction.

Or it could be a guardian spirit?

Except my guardian spirit is an imaginary pianist and poet angel named Ralph who eats a lot of pizza.

Ah wait! (peers at orb). Could it be a tiny circular pizza margherita? Haha

Seriously though, I'm chuffed that you guys helped me to notice the orb. I'd be nothing without you.


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Specks of dust, refraction, chromatic aberration, a lot less romantic than Angel pizza and sun petals!

Photography - art or hi tech science?

It's the little things you notice that bring the magic. I vote art!


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

I vote art too smiley - ok

"'Cos he's a rockstar and I aint. smiley - rofl . So I get the economy version. smiley - rofl!"

smiley - rofl

Yes, Brian's Orb is like a mandala! Fascinating to look at. Your little orb is fascinating too, though, as it is so round and bright smiley - biggrin


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smiley - rofl Art!! Yay! smiley - artistsmiley - kiss

It is so good to be surprised, so magic.

I love the science of photography also, I'd like to combine the two sides of the brain,but I'm not so adept at science.

Thanks to all this, I just saw raindrops! smiley - huh

I saw them on the car windscreen, illuminated by the orange glow of a streetlight. An entire galaxy of them, and they were circular! Like orbs!

Which isn't very scientific, and yet it is! And its art also!

I think its good to see details of the world as if for the first time. I never want to lose a sense of wonder, ever like ever, even when I take my final breath, I hope I feel wonder.

So, circles are everywhere. Methinks. And me will think about this more. smiley - rofl

Like in the film pi, when Max Cohen is staring into his coffee cup, and sees spirals everywhere....


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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

And then there is the Shot Tower: A87782223

If liquid falls far enough, it gets round...


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Meat and potato pies are round. Mmmm life of pie...


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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Ancient joke about hillbillies: Ahem.

Paw and Maw save up, send Bubba to college. Bubba comes back with maths degree.

Paw: Now, son, we want to know what your've larned at that-air college. Say somethin' in Algerber.

Bubba: Well...okay, Paw. 'Pi-R-Squared'.

Paw (shakes head sadly): Son, you've done come out dummer'n you went in! Ever'body knows pie are round.

Now, CORNPONE are square...

smiley - nur away before anybody can throw things...


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

smiley - laughsmiley - tomato

Good one! smiley - biggrinsmiley - geek


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smiley - tomatosmiley - rofl Chucks a circular tomato at DG.

Also chucks a meat and potato Pi at FWR.

(all in a very ladylike way, of course).

The Shot Tower? OK, so liquid turns into a perfect sphere when dropped from a height.

Well I never. How extraordinary.

If I'd read this earlier I'd have avoided having to go out into the yard in the pouring rain, just now. smiley - rofl

Do the raindrops land as circles, or technically spheres, on the glass kitchen door, we asked ourselves, whilst eating our veggie Pi and potatoes.

They look circular through the glass, when illumated by the orange streelight at the end of the yard, but are they actually circular, on the other side of the glass? Or does the effect of light make them look that way?

Moral of the story. Always read a Guide Entry before a meal. Especially if its raining.


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If you watch raindrops landing in a puddle, they briefly make circular splashes and, if it's raining hard enough you get an ephemeral pattern of circles. Or you get wet. smiley - laugh

Some of my veggie pies are round and some are rectangular.


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smiley - rofl I like the rectangle pies. This means that rectangles could also be everywhere. Along with spirals and circles.

Really?? About the circular splashes. That's amazing, really mystical and wonderful. I will look next time it rains. And get wet also, but worth it!

Today I stood in the park and pointed my camera at the sun. Not to be advised, if you value your eyes or your camera, but I'm obsessed now.

It seems you can't plan an orb. Well, I can't, anyway, which is good, because they wouldn't be magic any more if I could.

However, a blue filmy sphere, like a soap bubble, started to encircle the area of the sun through trees. I didn't catch a complete circle, but saw the Edge of the Blue Bubble. (non scientific title). smiley - rofl

So it must be something to do with the lens. Must be must be. Or Angel Ralph, who has given up pizza and has taken to blowing soap bubbles, just to wind me up. smiley - rofl.


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I remember my husband taking pictures of the solar eclipse in Indonesia. He had a solar filter for his camera but he was urging people not to try to take pictures of the sun with ordinary cameras and phones until the total eclipse phase. There were lots of eclipse glasses on offer too.

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