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I Think it is Because I Wear Glasses

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People seem to assume that I'm a gadget geek smiley - geek. Now while it is true that in many ways I'm nerdy, for example I've liked 'Doctor Who' smiley - tardis and super hero films smiley - hero since the 1980s, long before it was cool to do so, I'm not in the slightest bit interested in gadgets and gizmos. I don't need the latest anything. My phone is roughly about ten years old and isn't a smart phone. I've never had a Walkman, iPod, iPad, iPhone - or iPud, iPid or iPed, come to that. Not interested in getting a tablet or electronic book reader. I enjoy running but don't feel the need to have a smart watch, just a device that dependably tells the time. I bought my PC in 2004 and it still works.

My hobbies involve writing and drawing – give me a pad of paper and pen(cil) and I'm happysmiley - biro . So the only thing I can think of that has led people to assume I'm interesting in modern devices is that I wear glasses.


I Think it is Because I Wear Glasses

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SashaQ - happysad

Interesting - reminiscent of the Modern Life is Goodish episode where people thought Dave Gorman was a Doctor Who geek because he is a PowerPoint geek!

I have a bit of tech, but I don't have to have the latest stuff, it just has to do what I need it to do smiley - ok

I invested in a tablet/e-book reader 6 years ago to go with my non-smart phone that is over 10 years old because I found I needed a way to access the internet without having to sit up at a desk. Some of the programs on it are no longer working, though, so 'they' will force me to have to get a new tablet at some point... Similarly 'they' forced me to upgrade my computer when internal parts with built-in obsolescence disintegrated and replacements were not available...

"give me a pad of paper and pen(cil) and I'm happy"

smiley - ok

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I Think it is Because I Wear Glasses

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