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How do you measure, measure a year? In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? In cups of tea? In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?

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We're halfway through the NaJoPoMo so I'm summarising what I posted last year and see how it compares with this year.

1.11.2016 – I've a Cold Inside, There's No Kind of Atmosphere
2016 - Both my wife and I were ill
2017 – fortunately no illness this year.

2.11.2016 – Bookshop Browsing
2016 - I said I'd browsed the charity and second-hand shops and purchased Raymond Briggs' 'Ethel & Ernest', which I was pleased with, as well as a boxset of 21 Laurel & Hardy films. Did you know that the Isle of Wight appears (in map form) in the Laurel & Hardy film 'A Chump at Oxford'
2017 – Still a bookshopaholic.

3.11.2016 – Reviewing My Peer Review
2016 - Am I a bad influence on Peer Review? I seem to have inadvertently become h2g2's most prolific writer and churn out more rubbish than anyone else and in 2016 there was more stuff in Peer Review written by me than everyone else put together.

2017 – I'm now keeping a maximum of ten entries in Peer Review at any one time, and spending more time writing for smiley - thepost

4.11.2016 – If You Like a Lot of Chocolate on your Biscuit Join our Club
2016 – the Uni has proposed introducing new lunchtime clubs, including Book Club, Slimming, Running, Sewing, Make-up and Beauty, knitting smiley - oribsmiley - biro and Morris Dancing. I expressed interest in the Book Club, Running and Morris Dancing.

2017 – I now run the running clubsmiley - run and went to the Book Club for the first time yesterday. The first person who planned to run the Book Club decided not to run it, so it didn't actually start until late summer when it was run by a different person. Never did hear back about the Morris Dancing, so I suspect it didn't attract anyone.

5.11.2016 – Son's Tenth Parkrun
2016 – My son did his tenth parkrun.

2017 – He has done a few parkruns since, but not many. My wife's done a few too.

6.11.2016 – London's Burning, London's Burning, Fetch the Shoebox, Fetch the Shoebox
2016 – I spent time doing a homework project with my daughter on making a model of the Great Fire of London with a shoebox.

2017 – Still spending Sundays doing homework with the kids…

7.11.2016 – The Cycle of the Seasons
2016 – the first day of wearing trousers not shorts when cycling to work.

2017 – I first wore trousers to work on the 6th, but not for the rest of last week. Back in trousers this week.

8.11.2016 – Ear Today
2016 - Dan, the choirmaster really hates Christmas and goes to extreme lengths to put off anything Christmassy. With problems with my hearing I had an end-of-day doctor's appointment and was diagnosed with otitis media with effusion (fluid in the middle ear) – which apparently is very common in two to six year olds, but not so in adults. He said that it affects hearing – which I knew, as that was the reason I'd gone to the doctor – can cause pain – again, that's the reason I went to see him - normally lasts at least two weeks – I've had this for over two weeks, so again, nothing new - but typically can last three months. I also enjoyed the first episode in the new series of 'Modern Life is Goodish'

2017 – Dan the choirmaster still hates Christmas and we don't seem to be doing anything Christmassy this year. Fortunately I've not had any problems with my hearing since the four weeks last year, and the new series of 'Modern Life is Goodish' started on the 31st October this year.

9.11.2016 – Uplifting Thoughts

2016 – the 55th anniversary of a group of Southampton University students becoming the first people to achieve man-powered flight with their SUMPAC (Southampton University's Man Powered AirCraft) aircraft. Which shows that the human race is capable of remarkable achievements sometimes, while the John Lewis advert is ruining Christmas.

2017 – I still think the John Lewis adverts ruin Christmas, and still think companies that don't have branches on the Isle of Wight should not be allowed to advertise nationally. I still avoid chains that snub the Isle of Wight; if they think that the Island's not good enough for them then they obviously don't want my business.

10.11.2016 – At Night, No-One Can See You Wear Tights
2016 – Wore new winter running gear for first time, including running tights, but only managed a few miles before feeling ill.

2017 – Not worn the running tights yet as winter's been mild, but not been doing so many evening runs due to staying at home looking after the kids while my wife's out.

11.11.2016 – Remember Remember
2016 – Remembrance Day service at work.
2017 – Remembrance Day was a Saturday. My grandfather's 99th birthday, had he lived.

12.11.2016 – Loaf of Bread, Bottle of Milk and a Batmobile
2016 – Small convention held at the nearby school.
2017 – The convention is taking place in December.

13.11.2016 - Conventional Thinking
2016 – My son and I attended the convention, meeting Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards and Josephine Gillan, a lovely lady famous for playing Marei, a prostitute on 'Game of Thrones'.
2017 – Still waiting for this year's convention…

14.11.2016 – Dotty Marketing
2016 – Looking for spotty clothes for my son to wear for Children in Need while Southampton's Christmas Market opens, inclyding the flying Father Christmas, who with his life-size reindeer and sleigh flies over the market on a zip-wire.

2017 – Southampton's Christmas market is opening, stall by stall. They have a big poster up saying 'The UK's only Flying Father Christmas'smiley - santa

15.11.2016 – Wife's Birthday
15.11.2017 – Wife's Birthday


How do you measure, measure a year? In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? In cups of tea? In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Ah - I wondered what happened to the Morris Dancing - that's a shame (I could visualise you in the traditional garb smiley - ok). Our local troop does well, performing around the Hundred, and I particularly enjoy watching the handkerchief and sword dances smiley - biggrin

How do you measure, measure a year? In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? In cups of tea? In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?

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I've e-mailed the contact again this week, but not heard back so I think it was a non-starter, alassmiley - blue


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How do you measure, measure a year? In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights? In cups of tea? In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?

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