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Amy P's 2017 NaJoPoMo Day 30

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

As I said towards the beginning of this, I did get gifts for my hosts and a few other folks, as well (the postcards don't really count, as I just got an assortment and had people pick out their own, and I don't remember who chose what, except that spimcoot took the one of the banana slug). Some choices were simple, and some took consultation (as paraphrased from Agapanthus before, I know what people *are* like, not what they *do* like).

Trying to decide whether to list the gifts in order gotten, or in order given, and I can't make up my mind... Stream of consciousness it is!

I had been given a lovely red and gold glass pendant on a black cord that I thought was absolutely gorgeous, but couldn't be less me (I think there were earrings, as well...) and I thought of giving it (them? I'll stick with "it") to Ag, but I'd not noticed big pendants in any pics I had seen of her. Then again, I'd not seen many... So I messaged A, a mutual friend that's seen her lots of times, if she thought Ag was a big jewelry person. She said she didn't think Ag was, but she did say that she thought ben might be. A turned out to be correct--ben liked itsmiley - ok I did end up getting Ag a necklace, though (and brought what I needed to urn it into a keychain, if needed--the pendant was constructed to work for either). Since Ag is a librarian and a bookworm, I found a pendant filled with books.

I went for practical with Z, as well as something made locally by someone who, like me, has a stall at the local farmers market every summer--handcream. It made perfect sense to me, since doctors wash their hands often, and this lady had vegan handcream, unlike most of the local lotion makers, who use a goat's milk base. I also got lavendar vanilla bath salts from her, for Mol's daughter suggested bath stuff (baths, as opposed to showers, had been verboten due to PIC lines and Grouch lines (why, no, I can't remember the real name for Grouch lines--Mol's blog about her cancer journey got her name for it stuck firmly in my head...) but would be allowed by the time of my trip). While I was at it, I got the same scent of salts for any lady I didn't know well, as a safe guesssmiley - winkeye

At the farmers market, there is a man that makes wooden stand-up puzzles, so I got MMF an elephant one. They are less for the puzzle assembly, and more for display--I think the elephant had 4 or 5 pieces. I was a *little* disappointed that it wasn't an exotic wood, just doug fir, but then again, it looks nice, and that's what matters. There was also a man that makes various chainmail items, that I'd been assuming for ages would be out of my reach, but when I finally asked he price on a prticular item, it was half what I'd been thinking, so I got 2. Ag and Wand'rin star each got a teddy bear in a hauberk and coifsmiley - bigeyes

I'd been struggling to think of what to get Pastey--I'd already gotten Alabaster the bath salts, so that wouldn't work. On a fieldtrip with my class, I saw a balancing game that I thought he'd like--if not for himself, then I figured that he'd think it funny to have it at Beer Nouveau. What better to have at a brewpub than a game of balance and coordination?smiley - evilgrin

Since 2legs had long evinced a desire to grow a tree on his balcony, I bought some redwood seeds for himsmiley - laugh Being a small packet, I'd misplaced it between London and Cambridge, or so I'd thought. Ag offered to search her flat, as I'd shown them to her and minichessemouse, but I was starting to fear that I'd accidently left them at the Shakespeare's Head. A few days after I'd visited 2legs and W and told them about the seeds, I found where I'd tucked them--safely into a sketchbook where they wouldn't get lostsmiley - rolleyes So the seeds got posted, and all is well. Germination will be attempted in the spring.

I'd brought some goodies by request--pumpkin fudge for Ag and Superfrenchie (as well as more to hand out at meets), and rootbeer and Goldfish crackers for min and her mouselings.

Some of my souvenirs were gifts, and a good proportion of my gifts were things that couldn't be found in stores (and some were edibles, and therefore, are no moresmiley - winkeye). Since this is getting long, and I'm sill candy making and need to package and label things and make signs, I'll just list things... A red h2g2 bag, h2g2 badges, a blue h2g2 t-shirt, a movie-version Marvin, a signed copy of Eustace, a copy of the limited edition book printed by the Consortium, Irn Bru to try (to me, it tasted like Minute Maid Mandarin Orange soda while smelling of bubble gumsmiley - weird), many lots of sweet things, including tablet and pink biscuits from Rheims, and various savory snacks, as well.

My bought (or free) souvenirs, I'll list by location.


V&A--set of watercolor pencils and a brush

Brunel tour--2 Brunel books

British Museum--model smiley - bus (for Tom, given to another friend)

Kew--Panoramic postcard of the Waterlily House

Hampton Court--metal dragonfly doorknocker, guide book? (have to look through all the brochures and books I brought back)

Tower of London--Crown Jewels t-shirt, a beefeater and an elizabethan guard teddy bear (for the girls), guard Christmas ornament, guide book

Globe Theatre--Globe Guidebook (bought when I got my tickets), ticket stubs, Twelfth Night program, paper model of Globe (whether I'll get around to assembling it or not...), collapsible paper sun hat, Tube map poster of Shakespeare

Hever Castle--Tudor lady's hat (Notepad)

Actually, this is going to take forever. I'll just list the major ones...

Lincoln--tiny silvery model of cathedral for mother-in-law, sunflower coaster (sunflowers became the symbol of the trip)

York Minster--copy of a stained glass rondel for father-in-law, book

York's Chocolate Story--chocolate sample assortment, guide book?

Jorvik--replica viking coin stamped in front of me, leather goblet lined with pitch

Scottish Road Trip

Crannog Center--horn mug

The gift shop in Drumnadrochit--set of old Scottish coins, stuffed Nessie (PaperKid), Nessie ornament with Notepad's name on it, Braveheart figure (Tom), wooden postcard of Nessie, assemblable into 3D sculpture

Kilmartin Glen--book on legendary Scottish animals, book on early Celtic Christianity

Edinburgh--Christmas ornament

Gatwick--Harrod's tote, tin of fudge, tin bank in the form of a red phone booth that held toffees and now holds british coins and currency

Lots of pamplets and brochures and small books, a good amount of squished pennies (and a store of round pounds to use in penny squishers, but now the round pound has been taken out of circulation, I think...), ticket stubs, and the like.

Amy P's 2017 NaJoPoMo Day 30

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You can call me TC

Wow! Was there room for all that in your case or did you have to stuff your dirty underwear surreptitiously in a bin somewhere to make space for it?

I don't think the round pound is obsolete quite yet. I was in the UK last week and I think I was still using them. Got caught out with some old 5 pound notes, though.

Amy P's 2017 NaJoPoMo Day 30

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

It was tight, especially with the poster tube I carried since Londonsmiley - laugh but my checked bag was quite large, and my carry-on was roomy (and I took advantage of airport shopping bags not counting against the limitsmiley - whistle)

Amy P's 2017 NaJoPoMo Day 30

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Wand'rin star

TC - nobody except banks should be accepting round pounds, quite difficult explaining to foreign visitors, especially as the rate dropped to about a Euro.
Several people have now admired the chain-mailed bear, particularly as it was a major anniversary of the battle of Lincoln. I am thinking of calling him William after William Marshall smiley - starsmiley - star

Amy P's 2017 NaJoPoMo Day 30

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Wand'rin star

There is a tiny Christmas market round the Christmas tree, I have just refused a round pound from an English stallholder in my change. He put it straight back in his change bag!smiley - starsmiley - star

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Amy P's 2017 NaJoPoMo Day 30

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