One-Way Trip

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One Way Trip

Childhood, a one-way trip.
The air tasted different, exciting even.

On this world, inhabited by Giants,

Brimming with forbidden zones

and ripe with the promise of adventure.

The food tasted different here too,

Not better - just vaguely comforting,

New tastes and smells. All exotic,

all becoming normal - for a time.

The roads were huge, streets as canyons.

Dangerous routes, forbidden crossings.

Vehicles unknown but fewer on the super highways,

whizzed by at amazing speeds.

All bright and tempting.

The inhabitants were kind, good neighbours.

Community fiercely defended and lauded.

But there were still monsters, outsiders.

A world of cautionary tales well told.

Sadly, inevitably, a once in a life time trip,

very much a one way journey.

Once left, this world can never be returned to.

No matter the Memories or the Heartache of longing

To visit again.

Once upon a time, this place.

The vanished landscape of my childhood

Blurry now in photographs.

This strange new world.

Still so vibrant in my mind.

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