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I saw that movie with my son who invited me to go. I did not see the original .. only the trailers that I did not try to attach much insight to.

My son likes "PhilDick" books. He even read one translated into Spanish. He did not go into why he did that .. not being a fluent Spanish speaker, but .. he did it. Engineers .. hard to stop them once they latch onto a project.

He talked me into going. I could have done without the prolonged fight in the submersible. Somebody decided Harrison Ford could to a lot of fighting. Gotta put in something to please a wide audience I guess.

I didn't get the feeling that replicants were deeply integral to the society. I took it all from our societies in general (and SF books focused on the subject) asking us all to be aware of where you and others may be sitting on the continuum of "definitely not sentient (treat like disposable property) all the way up to *you*".


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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Much as I enjoyed '2049' - clever stuff, nice visual tricks - I don't get that much of a PK Dick vibe from it. And I've been a deep-dyed Dick fan for 40 years. smiley - laugh It looked more a tribute to the original film to me - and a riff off some of PKD's ideas. Not necessarily in a way he would have done, methinks. Wouldn't it be interesting if somebody made a film of 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?', even as animation?

I wonder how they said 'flapple' in Spanish?.... A87903516smiley - rofl

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