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If you write for the Edited Guide, FWR will commit beautifully strange art for you, too. Help us keep him out of trouble.

Edited Guide Rejects: The Inside Joke

Battle hymn of snark promo, rejected

I wrote a guide entry about 'John Brown's Body'. The story is that the 'folk song' was really composed by a group of young recruits in the US Civil War. The original lyrics are full of inside jokes about one of the soldiers, who happened to be named John Brown. Some of the PR Regulars liked the entry, if only I'd add another 500 words or so about their favourite parodies. . . this went back and forth a bit, all in good fun.

Now, I'd tried to explain what a 'camp meeting' was. It was sort of like a rock festival with preaching. I compared it to the Isle of Wight Festival. I probably shouldn't have. FWR mulled the whole subject over and came up with this hilarious concatenation of inside jokes. All very artistic, and very h2g2.

I told him no. I said, 'I want an illustration that actually has something to do with the entry I worked on, please. But I'll steal this elegant picture for the Post.' So I did.

I have an ulterior motive. I want to call on h2g2's membership to write more Guide Entries. You can do it. You know you can. You've probably got a topic you're itching to get off your chest, only you haven't found the time yet. Please consider putting pixels to virtual paper. The GEs can use the copy, and Freewayriding needs the exercise. Otherwise, he just gets up to mischief.


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