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Posted: 27th March 2017

Using Our Heads

Cover of an 1848 Phrenology Almanac. There was a Phrenology Almanac for 1848? Who knew? Well, of course we did. We're the only non-specialists weird enough to know things like that. Or care. We've got an excerpt from that goody in this week's issue – see the Literary Corner – but that's not why it's here on the Editorial page. Notice the motto? 'To believe is well. To know is better.' It struck us that this was a really good motto, if you know what we mean. Apply liberally to your information sources.

We have some superquality, high-type information for you this week. Starting with the wildlife column. . . Uh-oh. Almost forgot. Our Willem's been on safari, and away from his easel this week. So you're stuck with the Guest Wildlife Artist. . . guess who? Would you believe I had an undergraduate minor in Biology? You wouldn't? Well, phooey. Just be glad Willem's coming back soon. He's promised us pictures of the wildlife reserve.

Superfrenchie wants your help captioning this photo. It's mysterious, and involves French architecture.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah, we have high-type information. Like what, you ask? Like:

  • Tav's spring garden report: We bet h2g2 is first in the northern hemisphere with this timely snowdrop news.
  • Robbie Stamp's excellent essay: He's got some really good thoughts about artificial intelligence. It's a must-read.
  • Bluebottle's Flea Market update: Get the latest on how the Edited Guide's doing, and enjoy another Bluebottle pun.
  • Our April Create previews: Yes, although you won't see the April Create Challenge for another (counts on fingers) five whole days, we've got previews! The theme for the month is, ahem, 'The Devil Made Me Do It'. FWR shows and tells in two stunning entries. Look down the page and find out what the Devil made him do.

Speaking of devils and such, Your Editor provides some less-than-high-type information. After all, that's the specialité de la maison around here. There's a quiz about unfortunate headlines. There's optical snark. I do attempt to redeem myself by explaining how to fact-check. . . or is that just chutzpah on my part?

Anyway, enjoy the goodies this week, and keep sending Stuff. Besides the new challenge, which will be up on Saturday, we can always use your photos, captionable and otherwise, personal anecdotes, book and film reviews, rants, fiction. . . whatever you can think of that doesn't violate international treaties.

And have a good week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Yawning Shorkie by Dmitri Gheorgheni.
  • Dolphin by Superfrenchie.



  • Devil biker.
  • John Brown's Body, the concert.

  • Create April  Challenge 2017.
  • Snowdrops

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