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Posted: 5th December 2016

Time to Get Out the Holiday Decorations

Cat warming up armchair. Yes, that's a decoration. The Hoggetts have a lot of them. They're musical, too. They purr contentedly throughout all holiday celebrations. Lola the Doglet, however, is less musical when watching the Dog Show on the big tv screen over at the farm. She growls at the dogs she doesn't like. Everybody laughs at her, especially because they have kittens that are larger than she is.

How are the holiday plans coming along at your house? Do you still have a long list of chores (pleasant ones, we hope) to tick off? How's your greeting card list working out? We know what card Freewayriding will be sending: he's shared it with the Create Team for this month's logo. Yes, friends, they're asking you to get artistic and design a greeting card. It doesn't have to be Christmas. There's a whole list of suitable December jollifications to choose from. Or make up your own. You can draw, photograph, doodle, or just decorate your verse or sentiment with some appropriate doodahs. Stick 'em on your Paint program, resize to 600 pixels wide, and mail them to the Post at postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. We'll do the rest. Not only will you have contributed to the seasonal levity, but you'll be a step ahead when it comes to fulfilling your holiday obligations. Want to go generic? Your Editor has a suggestion below.

What else do we have for you this week? An utterly amazing painting from Willem. Now tell the truth: could you imagine this creature actually existed on this planet? Wow. We've also got cinema from Awix, after we had an online discussion as to whether he made that up. . . amazingly, he didn't. . . Icy North is back with a challenging quiz. With our regularly scheduled quiz, that means you really have to think this week. After you've scratched your head over Inuits and international cuisine, you still have to help caption the photo. No rest for the h2g2er. . . Once all that's done, you can relax and groan contentedly over the bad puns.

Move over, kitty. It's cold outside, and we've got a lot of reading to do.

If you have to go outside this week, stay warm, watch out for ice patches, and remember to take pictures so you can send Stuff!

PS: FWR has risen to last week's marketing challenge. He says, 'Two-headed cows are so last year. . . '
Shameless marketing ploy

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Saigas  by Willem.
  • No skateboarding in the town gazebo. This place is for oompah bands.



  • Dog with carrot
  • Generic greetings card

  • Create December 2016
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