Dublin Street Names - How They've Changed over the Years

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Some Dublin street names have changed over the years. Some are gradual changes: Damas Street became Dames Street and then Dame Street. Others are complete renaming - Lazer's Hill becoming Townsend Street. The biggest change was when Ireland became independent of the UK, many of the more British names were replaced with the names of patriots.

The sources are as follows:

  • 1610 - Dubline
  • 1756 - John Rocque
  • 1831 - Cooke's Royal Map
  • 1893 - Insurance Plan of the City

---- indicates that the road did not exist at the time the map was made.

Current Name1893183117561610
Bride StreetBride StreetBridgets Street
O'Connell Street, NorthSackville StreetSackville Street
O'Connell Street, SouthSackville StreetDrogheda Street
Parnell Street, West of O'Connell StGreat Britain Street
Parnell Street, East of O'Connell StSummerhill
Pearse StreetGreat Brunswick Street------
Townsend StreetLazer's Hill
Sean McDermot StreetGloucester StreetGreat Martin's Lane
Dame StreetDames StreetDamas Stret
South Great George's StreetS Georges Lane
Tara StreetGeorges Street
St Andrew's StreetHog Hill
Leinster Street, curved sectionPark StreetSt Patrick's Lane
St Stephen's Green NorthSt Stephen's Green NorthBeaux Walk
St Stephen's Green EastSt Stephen's Green EastMonks's Walk
St Stephen's Green SouthSt Stephen's Green SouthLeesons Walk
St Stephen's Green WestSt Stephen's Green WestFrench Walk
Christchurch PlaceSkinner Row
Kevin's Street UpperSt Kevan's Street
Kevin's Street LowerSt Kevan's Port
Drury StreetLittle Boater Lane
Bishop StreetGreat Boater Lane
Wexford StreetSt Kevan's Port

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