Monet Would Be Jealous

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Beauty lurks in quiet streets.

Monet Would Be Jealous

Lilies in a backyard pond.

While walking a friend home the other afternoon, we learned more about our little neighbourhood: who lived where, which kids (now retired) had grown up together, etc.

As part of the lecture, we were invited to view a charming feature in a local yard: this beautiful lily pond.

Fish in a pond.

In addition to lilies any impressionist painter would have envied, the small pond features some happy fish.

The changing seasons bring remarkable natural things to light in this small town. There's a surprise around every corner, and lurking in every back garden of these 100-year-old houses.

Look around your neighbourhood, be it urban, suburban, small-town, or wild countryside. Is your settlement older or younger than this town, which was settled in the 1840s? What's hiding among the ruins, behind the car park, outside that new high-rise? We seriously want to know. And we want the pics!

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