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Posted: 3rd October 2016

The Mists (and Frolics) of Autumn

Tavaron's window view on a fall morning.It's October. The frost is on the pumpkin, as we say in North America, or will be soon. Psychocandy will be severely ticked if it isn't chillier by the 31st, because she wants to be a giant blueberry for Halloween (think 'Willy Wonka') and giant blueberries don't like it when it's 90F.

It's foggy in Austria. Tavaron took that breathtaking picture out her window one morning. It's amazing what a true artist can think to do while feeding a baby. We appreciate. See the full-size version below, along with Tav's translation of a seasonally appropriate poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. Tav wants me to inform you giggling Brits that Maria is a perfectly normal middle name for a male person in Austria, so be cool. As a Germanist, I can assure you that this is a top-flight translation, too – as always, the h2g2 Post brings you only the best in high-minded literary endeavour. Okay, the Literary Corner does have a story about a ghost and a lawyer, but we're allowed to be snarky.

Mentioning ghosts reminds me to let you know about Create's October Challenge. Have you ever felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and you weren't even in the cinema? Have you, in short, ever had a spooky experience? Tell us about it. We want your ghost stories, supernatural sightings, paranormal encounters, with or without EVP meters. You'll love 'em: next week, Milla tells us about some Swedish goings-on in a haunted laboratory, as well as a dining room that moves dice around. You'll want to share your shivery moments. We help put you in the ghost-hunting mood with a quiz and some useful titbits.

No self-respecting ghost would put up with the noise in our town this week. There are huge crowds attending the annual autumn leaf festival. The antique car people were out on Main Street in force last Sunday, and managed to generate a few chuckles inside the church. See, Your Editor was playing the morning meditation on the pipe organ. The lights (and organ) went off briefly – the outdoor sound system guys out on the street had overloaded the grid by plugging in their amps. Your hoopy organist, cool as Zaphod Beeblebrox, sat pat for a few seconds, calmly reached around the organ console and hit the power button, and went back to 'O Waly Waly'. Minor giggles. All part of fall cultural life. As I write, they're out on Main Street exhibiting antique tractors, but this Editor has Had Enuff after a week's worth of the mad social whirl, most of it involving getting rained on (and having our craft tent blow away).

What else is happening on our planet? Over at the farm, Farmer Hoggett is flea-washing cats. Help with captions. Down in South Africa, spring is underway, and Willem's thinking about donkeys. He has some great pics and astounding information, as ever. Awix has a cinema treat to share with you. Nigel and friends are offplanet, scouting locations for Doctor Who. We hope Steven Moffat appreciates this.

So read, enjoy, comment, and send me more Stuff. If you will notice, you have knitting instructions again. Aside from horrifying the Isle of Wight, this is a crafty way to let you know that there's always room for your contribution. You know our email address (and if you don't, see below).

Don't get lost in the fog, beware of the ghosts, remember your mobile cameras, and above all, have a great week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Equus africanus by Willem.
  • A wet, annoyed cat being washed in the sink.



  • A band warming up.
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