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Maintenance Discussions on Ursa Minor Beta1

A sparkly sign saying 'Don't Panic'.

[2:57:07 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: hi,

[2:57:22 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: it seems to me that conversations load very very slowly... is the site ok?

[2:57:25 PM] Ultracool Tech Guru: Hi :)

[2:57:37 PM] Ultracool Tech Guru: I'll have a look

[2:57:40 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: thanks :)

[2:58:34 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: got this Ray ID: [TOP SECRET CODE WHICH POST EDITOR IS TOO THICK TO GROK]


[3:00:02 PM] Ultracool Tech Guru: Looks like something is slowing things down, I'll investigate further

[3:00:45 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: cheers. It feels like I killed it – MyConversations was fine, but the actual conversations wouldn't open, and now MyConversations is down too....

[3:07:36 PM] Ultracool Tech Guru: Well, did you use any sharp objects on the site?

[3:07:51 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: (blush)

[3:08:01 PM] Ultracool Tech Guru: .oO (Thought so... )

[3:08:19 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: I threatened to reprogram it with an axe...

[3:08:29 PM] Ultracool Tech Guru: You scared it

[3:08:46 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: I know. Tell Elton I'm sorry.

[3:15:03 PM] Ultracool Tech Guru: Things should get better now, I have told Elton you are sorry and that you did not mean those harsh words :P

[3:15:34 PM] Supercool CT-Type Person: thank you, I will bring him snacks.

Ed Note: Investigative Reporters'r'Us. (The other day, I told Robbie Stamp we were lucky Julian Assange wasn't mad at us. Robbie opined that Assange surely realized that h2g2 was on the side of the angels.smiley - angel)

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