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Freewayriding tells us his Fifteen Minutes of Fame.A film clapper board

I can recall:

  • Been an extra in Chariots of Fire.

    I was told off for wearing a rather frowned upon modern watch, yes it was digital and I thought it was pretty cool! Sadly [it was] just a crowd scene in the Olympic Stadium in Paris.....erm , ok actually the local sports centre which apparently boasted a similar old fashioned cinder track!

  • Been interviewed on French local television during a school trip to the Somme, I was told off for wearing a Black Sabbath tee shirt!

  • I have bumped into (literally) Prince Charles, Bernard Breslaw, Bill Shankly, Lemmy, Bon Scott, David Draiman, Richard O'Brien and the guy who played Paul Robinson in Neighbours, only the future king didn't tell me off (directly anyway!)

  • I have said hello to the queen twice and Brian May once. Was told off for speaking before I was spoken to...Elizabeth not Brian that is!

  • My arm appears in an Indiana Jones movie, think it was the third1. Escaped a telling off as I was in uniform and it fitted the scene, later told off for eating the actor's doughnuts from the catering van!

  • I was interviewed for Good Morning, a British breakfast show about how to make the perfect cup of tea. I was told off by my boss at the time for appearing on TV miles away from where I should've been! Oops.

  • I have appeared on several motorcycle shows, I was told off by one of the presenters for allegedly talking to her boobs! Why else did anyone watch Men and Motors?

  • I have been followed around for six months by a Discovery Channel film crew and was thoroughly told off on numerous occasions by my wife and the producer/director for not taking it seriously!

  • My dog was on Treasure Hunt back in the Ms Annika Rice days!
    Wow he did look remarkably like this smiley - dog too, Goddess bless him.

It would appear that the only thing I am likely to be remembered for in the annals of pop culture is the guy who was always being shouted at for buggering around in the background!

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1Icy North's Aside: I can't get over him having a third arm - now that's a story.

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