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The Devil's Glen

The Devil's Glen area consists of a forest with a deep glen running along the northern side of it. There's a car park deep within the forest. You can go on a pleasant, flat walk from here along the glen as far as the waterfall and back, a distance of about 4km? in total. You could also extend this by walking through the forest, down into the glen, to the waterfall then back via the glen. About 6km.

The Lugduff Gap

This walk starts in Glenmalure and ends in Glendalough or vice versa. It requires two cars. I'm inclined to think it is best to do it from Glenmalure to Glendalough because that way you can drive back to Glenmalure to collect the second car and have a meal at the Glenmalure Lodge. That's the direction I describe here.

Distance 12km

Ascent: at least 420m

Drive in two cars to Glendalough. One car go in to the Car Park at the Visitor Centre (the "Lower Car Park") and leave it there. (In the summer there's a €4 charge for this). Can also go to the "Upper Car Park" beside the Upper Lake. Drive to Glenmalure via Laragh, taking road towards Rathdrum. Leave car in the Glenmalure Lodge Car Park.

Walk from crossroads back towards Laragh. After 260m, turn left off the road onto the Wicklow Way trail, which climbs slowly up the side of Glenmalure. The highest point is the Lugduff Gap where you cross from Glenmalure into Glendalough. The path then descends through forest down to the Glendalough upper car park. Take a detour to the left to see the upper lake. Return to the upper car park. Follow the road out of the car park. Just before the bridge, on the right is the walking track back to the lower car park. It's a distance about about 1.7km.

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