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Posted: 5th September 2016

It's a Simple Song, Little Song, Everywhere…

The Editor disguised as the Librarian, playing organ in church. ...for the fox, and the ox, and the grizzly bear...oh, and Your Editor over there on the organ. Well, I appear to be disguised as the Librarian of Unseen University, but that is the organ I've been bothering. There is nothing quite like pulling out all the stops and playing a building...whoever invented pipe organs gets my vote of appreciation. (And Freewayriding gets our vote of thanks for the elegant picture.)

What are we on about this week? Why, the new Create challenge for September, which involves asking you where, when, how, and why you, your friends, enemies, casual acquaintances, aliens spotted in deserted fields, etc, make music, impromptu or otherwise. What has happened, with your participation or in your hearing? How was it received? Did they throw money or tomatoes? Tell us all about it. Or send pics, or even links to Youtubes you've made. The whole theme was set in motion by the rousing 'All God's Creatures Got a Place in the Choir'. And the Create Team want to you to sing, hum, or clap along. We've got Stuff to start you off this week, including an inspirational talk from St Francis of Assisi. Now, that guy knew how to get animals to sing.

Oh, and a Post PS: a Core Team member has commented, 'I observe that the Create folks listen to entirely too much folk music for my liking.' Fair enough. You don't have to listen to folk music – yours could be about anything you like, including that headbanger stuff. Just wished to clarify that point.

People – h2g2-type people, mostly – have been keeping the Post mailbox filled with wonderful goodies, and we've got some surprises for you this week. Amy Pawloski lets you in on what she found hitchhiking on a highway. (No, not a Vogon, but you still might not want it in the vehicle.) FWR's cats have begun a helpful campaign of wildlife education: they bring him live specimens to identify. (We think he gets all A's.) Speaking of specimens, a neighbour let us in on the hidden beauty in their back garden, while a proud new cat owner shared another illegally adorable kitty photo, which we of course pass on to you. (We defy the Cute Police.)

Awix is so far into Jason Statham withdrawal, he's sent another retrospective review from the great man's oeuvre. We really hope the Oxford cinemas take pity on him soon, otherwise we may have to engage a therapist.

Willem has palaeontology, the Hoggetts got goats. We quiz you, advise you, amuse you, and provide amazing photos to refurbish your desktop with.

We also warn you: there's more where that came from. This month's going to be great reading. We've got plenty of room, though, and a stout pair of page stretchers. So when the spirit moves, join in the choir!

Oh, and have a great week out there.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Moropus  by Willem.
  • Cheerful goats.



  • A mole on the shoulder of a garden gnome.
  • Hitchhiking bison.

  • Create September

  • All God's creatures got a place in the choir.
    Tell us about your music-making experiences.


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