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Posted: 25th July 2016

h2g2 Finds a Friendly Window

Gus the Cat stretches out in the window to catch a breeze. That's Gus in the window. He's a happy cat. The friendly breezes are just perfect right about now. And he has peace and quiet from all his housemates, both of the two- and four-footed variety. More of us should be like Gus, truly in the moment. We like Gus' zen approach.

We've got some really zen Stuff for you this week. SashaQ has a philosophical handle on educating the hopelessly disconnected. We ponder the zen of space exploration, and wonder if NASA are asking the right rhetorical questions. Our Literary Corner short story poses the utterly un-PC question: can a spacefaring couple with truly retro gender attitudes make a go of it on Jupiter, particularly if one of them is an android? Check it out.

h2g2ers have been talking about their brushes with fame all over the site. swl has a great tale about meeting Superman, and Minorvogonpoet tells us about the time a prince showed up in Aberystwyth. It could have been worse. He could have gone to that Llanfairgogogoch place, and then I would have had to spell it all the way out... There's still time for you to send us your story for this month's Create Challenge. Next month, we're derailing a train. No, it doesn't belong to Amtrak.

Our Willem is taking a rare week off for technical reasons. So we're fobbing you off with a rerun. Not to fret: Willem's reruns are worth it, he's more interesting than that drivel you've been watching on the telly. Find out what's hiding up in that tree, and what kinds of noises it makes.

Galaxy Babe found a cool clock. Awix found a film. I found some interesting people to quiz you about, and you'll want to know more. And, of course, we're just as full of snark and chuckles as can be.

So find a breezy windowsill and open your electronic device to the Post pages. Read, enjoy, leave comments, and plan your next assault on the Post Office. Send us Stuff! Your latest drink recipe, a picture of your moggie doing something even weirder than those at the Hoggett Farm, an illustrated description of your knitted map of the Isle of know, the usual sort of thing.

And have a breezy summer week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Tree Hyrax by Willem.
  • A floral clock.



  • Robots with babes on their minds.
  • SashaQ herds dinosaurs.

  • Create July Challenge.

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