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Posted: 7th March 2016

March Madness, h2g2 Style

The Abbey Theatre, Dublin, around 1913. You see that building? That's the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, around 1913. I found it in a book by Augusta, Lady Gregory. Lady Gregory's our featured artist in the Literary Corner this week. She was a great playwright. Since March contains St Patrick's Day, the Post is giving its literary section over to the Irish. They've got a lot of good writers, and some of them are dead and in Public Domain where we can steal from 'em, so we thought it would be a good way to show our appreciation. (We'll take requests if you have them.)

What I liked most about Lady Gregory was that if she were around today, she'd be a h2g2er. After all, she was interested in what went on her neighbourhood, she had a good ear for overheard gems of conversation, and she was ready to share. Sounds like us, all right.

This week's issue is full of cool Stuff. Take my word for it, I spellchecked it – but we've got lots of Contributors to thank.

First, Willem, for sharing wildlife with us. Just when we think nature couldn't get any more adorable, he comes up with the most unbelievable creature…you'll fall in love, as we did. Then there are MVP and Cactuscafe, who bring us a picture essay and poem for our Greatest Hits collection. (Have you sent yours in yet?) We thank Awix, for keeping us up to date with cinema goings on.

We haven't forgotten the journal writers. Oh, no. They just hoped we had. It's getting late in the quarter, and time to prove that journal writing isn't only for NaJo. So we've staged the Post Journal Snatch. You have been ninja-published, you lot, and it serves you right for being interesting. So there. Read, enjoy, and tease the everlovin' out of them all. Especially Gosho.

What else do we have? Well, the aliens and Nigel are working on growing potatoes for Mars (and no, that's not a crack about Ireland, they're in Peru, where the purple potatoes come from). I ran down to the old jail and took a picture you have to caption. And I'll tell you a secret about the mysteries of the great (inverted) pyramid, if you're interested. Follow your noses through this issue. I think you'll agree that we're having fun now.

Send us some more Stuff. And write for the Create challenge. You must have an anecdote to share.
And enjoy your week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Cape Golden Mole by Willem.
  • Old jail building.



  • Growing potatoes in Peru for NASA.
  • Mouse hunt of Kells.

GREAT WRITING A cat that thinks it's a dog.

  • Create March Challenge.
  • Civil War in the US involved arguments about what to name the battles. As usual, nobody agreed.

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