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Posted: 5th October 2015

These Are the Days of Miracles and Wonders

The supermoon over a cornfield. We're here, we're bizarre, get over it! Amazing things have happened in the past week:

  • The supermoon came up, underwent total eclipse, and then…it rained. At least, in the field where I took that picture. Anyhow, the world singularly failed to end. Unless it has, and nobody told me about it. I'm always the last to know.
  • h2g2 had a hiccough (or hiccup), and kept on ticking. We're still here, just like the moon and the Earth, and yeah, we know those Big Sites are, too, but they don't work as hard as we do. (They're not as funny, either.)
  • Create started its new October Bake-Off. We predict that between now and Halloween:
    • Mags will gain five pounds from kitchen testing.
    • 2legs will set fire to something. (Possibly himself.)
    • Yumminess will occur.

    We also predict that the Post Editor will not eat any of the recipes, unless gluten-free versions are submitted. (The Editor is allergic to all that flour.)

See? This is just an amazing time to be around h2g2. What have we got for you in this issue? A wondrous bird from the shrouded mists of antiquity, courtesy of Willem. A space movie from Awix. Hints and pointers to send you in the direction of ways to contribute to h2g2's growing panoply of paeans1 to Life, the Universe, and Everything. And jokes, jokes, and more jokes…

Speaking of the jokes. You can learn from these jokes. Find out what the ISS has been up to lately. Find out what the ancient world was like. (Okay, maybe not.) And learn why Fred of Prussia was so Great, he even got a mall named after him in Pennsylvania.

So, read and enjoy. Talk among yourselves. And have a glorious week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Presbyornis by Willem.
  • Supermoon.



  • Nimrod's Used Chariots.
  • Washington in a toga.

  • Fred the Great.

  • Create October Challenge: Bake-Off.
  • Istanbul is Constantinople...

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