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The Shape of sound

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Is this the shape of sound? I'd expected something more smiley - erm wavy.

The Shape of sound

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smiley - rofl It gets wavier, on good days.

The Shape of sound

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Digital Led . . ignorance is bliss

What I see is a representation of what an original oscilloscope image could be. This is made with a digital device, as we see little blocks in the curves.

At school we used to call such display a spaghetti graph.

The image could be a measurement of an untriggered, free running signal display. If the signal is a sound it is rather soft, the dim curve on top (and some even more dim curve parts in the bottom) are of a low frequency with more then twice the volume of the centre part.

The lines are written every 0.n th second and decaying over time. There are some 50 overlapping lines. We see frequencies over more then three octaves, mayby four.

This can be a sound, like someone saying a word. It also could be noise.

I also notice the high quality of the signal, there is no clipping (amplitude distortion).

Looking at the graph I see not many frequencies at one time, perhaps this is not due to the original signal but caused by compression like MP3.

It is not a single drum beat or a single instument. There is no flute trumpet or organ waveform as far as I recognise.

The left bottom of the image is an image insert. The phrase midi suggests the use of electronic emulated instruments, not what I see in the graph.

The Shape of sound

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Hullo Digital Led! Yikes, I've met my match here. heheh. smiley - rofl

Very interesting insights, thanks! You are obviously very gifted technically, unlike me. I'm the oldest lady synth player in town, who understands not a jot about the techicalities. smiley - rofl.

For me, this piccie was more like a sort of arty atmospheric collage, bits and pieces to represent the atmosphere in my brain, rather than a technical diagram. I'll leave technical diagrams to those who know. I wish I did know, but ah well I'm happy with my lot, I can't have a cheese sandwich and cake also. Huh? smiley - huh Don't know what that means. smiley - rofl

Excellent! Thanks for writing! Good to meet you.

cc smiley - ok

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