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When I was a younger man (about 20 years ago), and flush with my first few pay checks I decided I was going to need to buy a car.  I went to visit my bank manager and arranged to borrow the cost of a new Citroen AX which was (at that time in Birmingham) the cheapest production car available.

On the bus travelling down the Hagley road I went past a second hand car place that had a Purple Triumph GT6 sitting on the forecourt.  On the spur of the moment I hopped out to take a look - and was immediately and utterly smitten.

Of course - I did the sensible thing: I bought it there and then, and to this day have never seen the inside of a Citroen AX.

(I am now on my second GT6 and between them they have cost me so much money, but I have really enjoyed the road not taken very seriously)

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