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This page contains a list of completed projects for the The h2g2 University in the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Spirituality. Projects are listed here if they focus on the following areas:

  • Classical Studies
  • History
  • Military & Warfare
  • Philosophy
  • Religion

All Researchers who write a project that is 5 articles or more, or make a significant contribution to 5 articles in a project, earn the much-coveted Field Researcher badge!

The American Revolutionary War in the Middle Atlantic States

Written By: Jimi X

Anglo-Saxon Isle of Wight

Written By: Bluebottle

Anglo Saxon Kingdoms - the Saxon Heptarchy

Written By: Bobstafford

Animal Heroes

Written By: Matt

Burial Mounds Neolithic to Viking

Written By: Bobstafford


Written By: Gnomon

Campaign to Abolish Slavery

Written By: Giford

Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight

Written By: Bluebottle

Egyptian Mysteries:

Written By: Galaxy Babe

The First Crusade

Written By: Gnomon

Fortifications of the Isle of Wight

Written By: Bluebottle

The Graeco-Persian Wars

Written By: Iaconian

Great Castles

A Collaborative entry

Great Royal Women From History

Written By: Demon Drawer

Hadrian's Wall

Written By: Bobstafford

Isaac Newton

Written By: Giford

Isle of Wight Shipwrecks

Written By: Bluebottle

Japanese Samurai

Written By: The Prophet

Julio-Claudian Emperors

Written By: Echomikeromeo

Pharaonic Egypt

Written By: Giford


Written By: Cardi


Written By: SashaQ

Pre-Celtic Ireland

Written By: Gnomon

Queen Victoria

Written By: Galaxy Babe

The Roman Navy

Written By: Bobstafford

The Romans in Britain

Written By: Elentari

The Shroud of Turin

Written By: Giford

The Stewarts

Written By: Bobstafford

Solent Hill Forts and Castles:

Written By: Bluebottle & bobstafford


Written By: John-the-gardener

USA - Birth of a Nation

Written By: Blatherskite & Jimi X

Yorkshire's Castles

Written By: Bluebottle

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