The Post Quiz: Dr Frankenstein's Inspirations - Answers

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It's October. Time to call on Dr Frankenstein.

Dr Frankenstein's Inspirations: Answers

A robot posing as Rodin's 'Thinker'

You probably recognised most, if not all of these inventions. But you might have been surprised to realise that each of them was directly inspired by a science fiction idea. Who says that TV, movies, comics, and paperback novels are a waste of time? Take that, you serious-minded people.

Match these sci-fi originals to their RL counterparts, inspired by the stories.

Science FictionTechnology Fact
  1. Star Trek communicator
  2. Universal Translator
  3. PADD
  4. Fahrenheit 451's parlor walls
  5. Dick Tracy's two-way wrist communicator
  6. Rosie on The Jetsons
  7. Philip Dick's vidphones
  8. Princess Leia's message
  9. Tricorder
  10. Phaser
  1. Mobile
  2. Google Goggles
  3. Touch screen
  4. Flatscreen TV
  5. Watch phone
  6. Hoovering robots
  7. Video telephones
  8. Holograms
  9. Vscan
  10. Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response rifle

Note; we said these inventions existed, not that they worked. As anybody knows who's used one of those hoovering robots, or laughed at the antics of their translation programs. Oh, well. It will give the next generation something to work on.

The book cover of Star Trek - The Motion Picture by Gene Roddenberry, 1979
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