The Prof Quiz: Pop Food Part 2

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The Prof serves up a tasty treat of a quiz

Pop Food - Part I

Can you name the group or singer, that's got a food or as near as smiley - winkeye in their name?

Here's a song and the Album it's from:

  1. "Gold Cobra" (album same name)
  2. "Fool for a Pretty Face" (album - On to Victory)
  3. "Really Saying Something" (album - Deep Sea Skiving)
  4. "Never Grow Old" (album - Wake Up and Smell the Coffee)
  5. "Mind Your Manners" (album - Lightning Bolt)
  6. "I’m Gonna Love Her for Both of Us" (album - Dead Ringer)
  7. "Mickey" (album - Word of Mouth))
  8. "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy" (album - Tropical Gangsters)
  9. "Ricochet, Part One, Ricochet, Part II" (album – err! - Ricochet))
  10. "Get Sexy" (album - Sweet 7)

Think you have them all? Click the image below for the answers.

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