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The lunch box

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Vault Boy's lunchbox! Without the squirrel delicacy. smiley - ill This is good news.

I'm reading this at 6.05 am, it's an interesting wake up. smiley - rofl. Good morning, bobble-heads.

Hullo Vault Boy!

I always did wonder how to hypnotise a chicken. smiley - rofl

And then there's Vaas Montenegro in the hula skirt. And Mr.Kincaid.

I need at least another coffee right now. smiley - coffee

Great write up and photos, Magwitch, once again. New worlds open up before my blinking, bleary eyes.

The lunch box

Post 2

Magwitch - My name is Mags and I am funky.

How to hypontise a chicken: Gently pick it up, tuck it's head, slowly, under it's wing and rock it like a baby. After a few seconds gently place it on the ground again and it will stay there in a trance-like state for about 30 seconds...apparently smiley - winkeye

The lunch box

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smiley - rofl Really? smiley - rofl Hmm, interesting knowledge. The people across the road have a smallholding, they have chickens. I think I'll go practice. smiley - rofl. All your fault Magwitch, please send bail.

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