The Post Quiz: Global Guilty Pleasures

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There's a world of delights out there.

The Post Quiz: Global Guilty Pleasures

Liver and a bottle of wine.

When you mention 'guilty pleasures', many people think of food and drink. Overindulgence is not a crime, usually, but it tends to leave us feeling a bit sheepish. What's your favourite form of food indulgence? (Please don't say 'chip butties'.) The urge appears to be worldwide: everybody has a guilty food pleasure, and some of them are even for export.

For this quiz, figure out where each of these yummy treats is at home.

Fill in the blanks.

  1. Does your sweet tooth exceed all reasonable bounds? Try baklava from _________.
  2. Try sweet and greasy. We can blame the whole country of __________ for the deep-fried Mars Bar.
  3. Still sweet…the ________ Empire gave us rahat lokum.
  4. Do you prefer your sybaritic pleasures on the stinky side? Camembert and Brie come from ________.
  5. How about really stinky? Stinky to the max? Sample chou doufu, or stinky tofu, from ________.
  6. The more discerning gourmand may insist on piscine delights. In _______, they bury the shark for years in volcanic soil, just to get a taste treat.
  7. Salty fish eggs? Really? A major source of caviar is _________.
  8. ________ is the go-to continent for peanut butter soup. Not so guilty, this pleasure: it's nutritious and eco-friendly.
  9. Is hot chocolate your favourite indulgence? First documented in 1750 BCE in ___________ __________.
  10. Do you drool over macademia nuts? Thank the folks in _________. It's bush tucker.

We're sure this was easy as pecan pie – a big delicacy in the US South – but in case you want to check, click the picture below.

Yellow jacket soup, by Nigel.
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