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Meeting Places: Answers

When Stanley met Livingstone.

Some of these questions were tricky. Some people are famous for where they met later, but first met other places. And although it's true that Lincoln and Booth met at Ford's Theatre, they almost met there before the deadly encounter. Lincoln had wanted to meet the actor on another occasion, when Booth was performing at Ford's. Booth refused to meet the President. If he had, would history have been different?

Match the pairs to their firsts meeting place.

  1. US Grant and Robert E Lee
  2. Wellington and Napoleon
  3. Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth
  4. Caesar and Cleopatra
  5. James Watson and Francis Crick
  6. Procter and Gamble
  7. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
  8. Orson Welles and HG Wells
  9. Chopin and Liszt
  10. Bogart and Bacall
  • Mexican War
  • Never
  • Ford's Theater, Washington, DC
  • On top of a carpet
  • Cambridge
  • Father-in-law's house, Cincinnati
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Over the radio
  • Paris
  • Movie set

Did you know or guess them all? Just think: someone you meet today may have a profound effect on your life. Maybe you'll make history together.

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