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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

This set of ideas gives me all sorts of ideas...

...and its imagery is thought-provoking, too. smiley - biggrin

Giving us ideas

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heheh. Thanks boss. You are inspiring the graphic novel/comic type imagery in me, it's all your fault. haha. I seem to have found a way to bring it out, thanks for the space to allow it.

I think I'm making the piccies a bit big, what's the best size? Like, what size is the Gheorgheniplex frame? I'm learning as I go along, here.

I'm also working on my masterwork, uh oh smiley - rofl, which will be done in this format, when I've learned the frame size. It's all about a pianist. And chord shapes. Unfortunately there's a delay, as my model who is going to do some enigmatic silhouette work for me (guess who that is smiley - rofl) has gone all huffy about the quality of the monochrome, because he's really vain. Cor honestly.

Giving us ideas

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - snork Sounds amazingly tantalising...smiley - whistle

G'plex is 500x500 pixels. Our maximum allowable width is 600 pixels, no limits on height, other than how long you think the viewer can scroll...smiley - winkeye

For your pics, I'd recommend 500x400, because you want to be able to read the words, and you tell a story as you go.

Giving us ideas

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Oh, that's great, Ed my friend, thanks so much! smiley - kiss

Is that 500 wide, 400 high? Presumably. Doh, I'm such a novice, but I'm happy learning in this deluxe Post art school.

I think I just fired Mr Monochrome. smiley - rofl. Although I might relent.

Giving us ideas

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Do you want to make a picture story about a pianist with me? Like, you're a pianist! And you can make stories. And pictures. You don't have to model. smiley - rofl. Mr. Monochrome will huff.

I don't have any images or any text. Yet. I have a non existent masterwork. See! I have ideas, but I have no idea what my idea is. heheh.

I know that I want to photograph a chord shape, perhaps it'll be simple, just a piccie from my chord book. With fuzzy bits. smiley - rofl. Then there'll be a bubble, with the word pattern of that chord.

But somewhere there's this dude who's a pianist. He's very enigmatic. He's like a session musician who appears with various bands, and after the show everyone always asks 'who was the guy on piano?'.

Even if they know his name, and a few facts about his life, they still ask 'who was the guy on piano?. Because he has a captivating quality. Did they dream him? He's strangely unnerving.

Hmm, well, that's one frame from the story.

Damn. It's a tough life in the hootoo art school. I love it. smiley - rofl

OK, you're busy. Well, if the guy on piano visits you in visions, could you ask him to give me a call? I'm going to go drink some absinthe and stare into the eye of eternity.

Absinthe? No smiley - run. OK, cocoa then. smiley - rofl Goodnight. smiley - zzz

Giving us ideas

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - snork Excellent questions all.

Er, yes. When you give the size of things, you say width x height. I dunno why. smiley - shrug

smiley - rofl So h e's gone off in a huff and a half, as Groucho says?

Sure, we can do a piano story. I know some mysterious piano stories, I think...

And then there's Jimmy Durante:


Giving us ideas

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heheh Jimmy Durante. He's special. smiley - kiss

Width x height? Oh really? This is good. I'm evolving. Or revolving. Or solving ... a few mysteries. smiley - rofl

Yay!! A piano story! From you, an honour. (bows). I'll have to get some images sorted, and see where they lead. I could always retire and let you do all the work, hahaHAH, but then I will chew my paws and start to open imaginary doors. smiley - huh

I had a dream last night, it wasn't about the piano guy, in fact I can't remember what it was about, smiley - rofl, but I know it was significant.

When I woke this morning, I understood why everyone wants to know about the piano guy. He can access parallel universes while he's playing, and they sense the energy, but his thoughts are private.

And, when he's not on stage, he likes visiting botanical gardens, which is completely irrelevant. Not bad, considering the dream wasn't about the piano guy. Perhaps he did call me after all. smiley - rofl

Oh, I'm so happy to be making sense these days. smiley - rofl haha

Giving us ideas

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl

I had a dream about cars. Old cars. One was shaped like a work boot. It had a label on the tongue, with prophetic writing...

Then I was telling a young woman in 1965 how much everything would change by 1980. She didn't believe me. smiley - rofl

This is what I get at the end of a US History course. It's writing sample essays what does it. smiley - winkeye

Giving us ideas

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heheh. That's an amazing dream. What about that prophetic writing on the tongue of the boot? I wish I had dreams like that. What did it say? Was it in recognisable script? I guess it said what you told the young woman, how everything would change in 1980. Or maybe it said something else entirely ...

Have you ever met someone with prophetic powers? Apart from yourself, of course. smiley - rofl. I knew this lady once who would dream of earthquakes a few days before they would happen. And my brother had prophetic dreams, in childhood. Quite strange.

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Giving us ideas

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