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Posted: 14th July 2014

Dolphins, Horses, and Other Exotic Creatures

Ben Hur on stage, with horses. Boy, wouldn't you have liked to see that? A stage production of Ben Hur. Oh, sure, the plot is a big yawn. But a live chariot race? On stage? Now, that's exotic. Some wag noted that back in the 19-aughts, theatre was still trying to be cinema. Awix would have loved it. After all, he's such an action fan1 He'll give you his expert opinion on another 'oldie but goodie' this week.

We're all about the exotic this time. Willem's got the plant and animal life covered, and Ben's got those pesky politicians, bureaucrats, and other two-legged things that belong in cages. Tucuxii outdoes everyone by going for a swim. At least he's not sleeping with the fishes…

We're quizzing you on July revolutions. How anybody has the energy to foment anything at all beyond a cold frappe is, frankly, beyond this editor. It's all we can do these days to drag ourselves out to the pool.

Speaking of exotic locales, we're taking you to the frozen North – a reflection of northern-hemisphere July heatwave longing – and generally trying to remind you that, yes, Create wants your travel memories. And pics. We love pics. Send 'em here.
Ben Hur is all over these pages. The Middle East's first NASCAR champion sneaks in everywhere. See if you can spot him. And just think: even if you find it frustrating to get the exact mots for your Guide Entry, you cannot possibly write worse than some of the US's most popular bestsellers. With that in mind, get writing!

Oh, and enjoy your week! Summer's lease hath all too short a date, as the great man said.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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1Can't you just imagine Jason Statham in a chariot race?

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