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The Classic Goo monster in an h2g2 T shirtHello, and welcome to the fifteenth edition of Super Market, the monthly update of everything exciting taking place in h2g2's own Flea Market.

Interview with a Scavenger

To learn more about the Flea Market, it's a good idea to talk to some of the folk behind it. In this issue we interview Lil - Auntie

Bluebottle: Would you like to tell me anything about the articles that you have been involved in rescuing?

Lil: I was asked to become a Scout for PR and found myself in the embarrassing position of never having actually submitting any work into PR. Being
an avid racing fan, be it F1 or MotoGP and WSB (biker), when I found the Senna entry in the Flea Market, I just knew it was for me!

Bluebottle: Would you only rescue articles about subjects you know well?

Lil: No. I need to find something of interest about that subject, either within the original Entry, or while researching it further.

Bluebottle: Have you approached a Flea Market Rescue any differently to how you write an article from scratch? Is it easier or more difficult?

Lil: I was fortunate the original Senna Entry only contained dates of his race wins. This helped me to do my research with a clear mind, yet still
have a focus to keep things in chronological order. It would have been awful to miss out a crucial race win due to an oversight. As for whether it is easier
or more difficult, I shall come back to that later.

Bluebottle: When you write a Flea Market rescue, how do you decide what to keep and what to edit, and how much of a right do you feel that you have
in making decisions about the article?

Lil: I seem to have a set way of writing. I have to be comfortable with the subject matter to do it justice. For research I use both the original
work and whatever else I have come across in the way. This makes it a sort of collaborative Entry, I guess.

Bluebottle: Would you recommend doing Flea Market rescues to other researchers?

Lil: I would and I have. The Flea Market can give you just the right impetus to learn how to gather information again. Some (like myself) hadn't
done any research since school days. I found it rather exciting!

Bluebottle: How much revision do you think proper in a FM Rescue?

Lil: To do justice to any work it needs to be fully revised. FM Rescues can be difficult especially if it is controversial or written in a
particular style different from your own. Which takes me back to question 3:

I considered taking on an Entry about the Yorkshire Dales, because a newbie sadly couldn't keep up in Peer Review. I did
produce something, only for it to be considered 'Too Flowery' in its original context. Not having sufficient knowledge of subject I couldn't unravel it and
had to let it go back to FM.

Golliwogs [another entry in the Flea Market] is such a controversial subject. I keep working on it and one day it will be
back... If another wishes to take it from the FM Rescue list, they have my blessing.

Bluebottle: Would you consider doing another Flea Market Rescue in the near future?

Lil: I certainly would be interested. However, I have taken on FM 'Near Misses'. These are Entries where the author has had problems within PR and
rather than lose all their hard work, they have 'gifted' the Entries for me to complete.

Edited Flea Market Rescues

This month we are proud to announce that more Flea Market Rescues have been Edited, bringing the total of Flea Market Rescues to 263! These were
part of the Model Railway project1 inspired by Model Railways (under construction - about 85% complete) by Skinnylinny.

New Entries to the Flea Market

These article has entered the Flea Market, ready to be rescued, since the last issue:

Flea Market Rescues Currently in Peer Review

These articles are in the process of being rescued from the Flea Market and currently in Peer Review. Why not help by reviewing the new version of the article?

Article Being RescuedConversationRescuerOriginal
'Basil the Great Mouse Detective' - the FilmPeer
BluebottleBasil The Great Mouse Detective by Mike
STV - the Single Transferable VotePeer ReviewNosebagbadgerSingle Transferable Vote (STV) by Kia Shuma

Please read through and comment about these articles - help us make them the best they can be.

And Remember...

, the Flea Market needs You!

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1There are other entries in the project outside the Flea Market Rescue.

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