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I made a posy and donated it to the Entry on Giving and Getting Flowers

In place of the excellent photo of Arthur Rubinstein that was taken away when h2g2 left the BBC, I took a photo of a Grand Piano

I took a photo of The Williamson Art Gallery

I took a photo of my copy of the film Victor Victoria

I took several photos on a day trip to Port Sunlight

I took a photo of The Museum of Liverpool

I painted a portrait of Conchita Wurst, Eurovision 2014 winner

I took a photo of the Queen album soundtrack for Flash Gordon

I took a photo of the books by Alan Hollinghurst

I took a photo of the books by Christopher Nolan

I painted a portrait of John Deacon from Queen.

I took a photo of my Saintpaulia for my Entry.

I made Nearly Bourbon Biscuits and photographed them before I ate them!

A photo of my Heliotrope was used as the illustration for my Entry.

I saw a Katsura tree in real life, but it had no leaves at the time, so a photo wouldn't have been much good - I did a painting instead!

My Fairyland Garden appeared in my Entry, courtesy of the Fairyland developers.

I rescued an Entry from Peer Review and visited the King Edward VII Memorial Clock Tower as part of my research, so I took a photo while I was there.

My h2g2 art and photography career (such as it is) began when I found the list of Winter Entries needing illustrations - I sent off a photo that turned out to be suitable for How to Keep Your Legs Warm.

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