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Sharpen your pencils, it's another Post school quiz.

Fictional Schools: Answers

Old Eagle School.

Have you sent in your contribution to this month's Create theme? Maybe the answers to this quiz will give you ideas.

How many of these fictional characters could you match with the school, college, or university they are associated with? Some are students, some instructors, and some, probably, dropouts.


Fictional CharacterSchool
  1. Rincewind.
  2. Harry Potter.
  3. Buffy Summers.
  4. Wolverine.
  5. Susan Foreman.
  6. Clark Kent.
  7. Ender.
  8. Mathilda.
  9. Dr Henry Armitage1.
  10. Wesley Crusher.
  1. Unseen University.
  2. Hogwarts.
  3. Sunnydale High.
  4. Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.
  5. Coal Hill School.
  6. Smallville High School.
  7. Battle School.
  8. Crunchem Hall Primary School.
  9. Miskatonic University.
  10. Starfleet Academy.

We think some of these schools would be interesting places to attend. Others, not so much. For most of them, the tuition is pretty cheap – open a book, or turn on the DVD. Don't worry about wasting your time. After all, it's educational!

Grange Hill school photo.
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1Dr Armitage knows where he's catalogued the Necronomicon.

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