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Lover's leaps. Fui!

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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

The very idea of going out of your way to a remote area such as a waterfall to jump off of it strikes me as odd. I would think that contemplating a space like that would be a balm to your hurt feelings and yo might get more of smiley - zen outlook on your situation and not get so melodramatic.

Lover's leaps. Fui!

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Ah yes. Fui indeed. I think the idea that someone jumped, fact or fiction, would put me off going to the waterfall, I would hear great sadness in the rushing waters, like a waterfall of tears, and I would be spooked.

Have I ever been somehow fascinated by a death for lurve, in literature or folklore or anything? I don't know, have to think about it. I hope not, in a way. I think maybe it's always sad for me.

I like the puh-LEEZE. smiley - rofl. That's so funny. puh-LEEZE. I'm going to type it like that now, and drive everyone crazy. smiley - rofl.

Great article.

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