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Spare a thought…

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First day back to school usually comes with its fair share of nervous excitement. Moving to a new school doubly so. Moving to a new school in a new town is bound to insert even more Lepidoptera into one's gastric tract.

For the last few weeks I've had everything from: 'But what if the kids don't like me, Dad?', 'What if the teachers are horrible?' to 'What if I get lost?', 'Have I got everything ready for school?', 'Do you think I've forgotten anything?', 'What if I've left something behind?'

Our first and primal instinct is to protect and reassure our children, no matter what their ages or how silly their concerns may seem to those of us who are long enough in the tooth to look back fondly at ‘the best years of our lives'.

So I've exhausted the 'You'll be fine love, don't worry' and 'Course they'll like you, you'll be great!' ' replies and can only wait to see how my little girl gets on with her first term at her new school, in her new town and most importantly, her new job as a newly qualified teacher!

Good luck, darling, you'll be fine!

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