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Posted: 23rd September 2013

How Private Are Your Snafus?

Do you recognise that fellow over there? He's Private Snafu, a cartoon character doing his bit for the War Effort back in World War II. Propaganda is sometimes revealing. After all SNAFU was an acronym for 'Situation Normal, All Fouled Up'. Okay, it wasn't, but the h2g2 filther is pretty much in agreement with World War II sensibilities when it comes to cuss words. So that's our story, and we're sticking to it. We bring up this charming figure for two reasons.

The first is that Bluebottle is back with more news from the Flea Market front, and Private Snafu is in there, pitching. Yes, folks, the Edited Guide is rolling merrily along. And with the help of Bluebottle and others, tasty titbits are emerging from that Flea Market. Check them out, and then go find something to rescue. We thirst for knowledge.

The other reason we mention the Snafu fellow is that a lot of us have been living with them, these days. Benjaminpmoore has a song to sing about bureaucracy. You'll probably identify, even if you actually like the internet. (We hope you do, we're on it.) Speaking of internet snafus, Magwitch deserves a gold star-and-a-half for her amazing work in fighting our technical issues the last couple of weeks. It's getting done, and the Post is getting up. We love her.

Rod has no snafus to wail about. Instead, he reports on his conquest of a personal challenge involving woodworking. Take a look, you'll be glad.

Snafu or not, decide for yourself: our cinema critic, Awix, has been watching a Formula 1 racing movie. Okay. Your Editor refuses to comment, because here in the land of NASCAR, we tend to think those guys in the fancy cars are too uptown for the likes of us hillbillies.

Our artists are back with wildlife to admire and jokes to chuckle over, and we've got a quiz you might enjoy – about imaginary schools. Speaking of schools, have you done your bit for the Create Challenge yet? You should, you know. The war against ignorance is also a war.

Wherever you are, we hope you're learning something. And getting ready to tell us about it. Have a good week – and may all your snafus be easily fixed!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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