The Post Quiz: The Edited Guide And The Art Of Car Maintenance

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If you liked the planes, you might enjoy…

The Post Quiz: Car Care in the Edited Guide

'Come away with me, Lucile, in my merry Oldsmobile, down the road of life we'll fly…'

Our romance with the internal combustion engine plays a part in the Edited Guide. Check your knowledge of cars, their uses and maintenance, with this quiz.

Finish the sentence:

  1. 'A Bond car should ideally be _______ but more importantly it must be iconic and, above all, rare.'
  2. On the more recent licence plates, there is furthermore a blue block on the left hand side of the plate that features a white letter D [representing 'Deutschland'] below a circle of yellow stars, symbolising the _______________. Older registration plates do not carry this adornment.'
  3. 'The first quarter is used to wet the entire car and remove the more obvious clods of dirt and _____ _________.'
  4. 'Premises which carry out ____ are officially required to display the blue three triangles logo...'
  5. 'The discovery of a flat tyre on your car is best made as it __________________'
  6. 'Therefore, when you do decide to sleep in your car, please make sure that the car is _______.'
  7. 'Almost all rental vehicles in the USA have _________ transmissions.'
  8. 'An environmentally-friendly car is a _____________ car...'
  9. 'It is most important, when starting your car in extremely cold weather not to ______ the _______ or kill the battery.'
  10. 'Any kind of car you choose to drive in Devon will undoubtedly be too _____ for the type of road you are driving along that day. '

Think you kept your eye on the road? Check your score by clicking on the picture below.

The Wigwam Motel on Route 66
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