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Thank you for writing such a succinct report of this matter. I believe I heard something to the effect that the sentence may be reviewed.

I hae had some people say to me that it was all a long time ago, things were different then, and indeed they were - I was there!

However, it is important not just for the victims, but everyone else, now and in the future, that such people are dragged from under their stones and exposed for what they are. Such people must learn that 'truth will out', perhaps not for many years but they should be afraid, very afraid.

It is important too that children and teenagers know they can report anything that feels instinctively wrong no matter how famous and feted such people are.

I read the detailed reports of what he did, and no way was it just 'touching', it was totally inappropriate, both in what took place, and where. It was a sickening abuse of his privilege, and it is just as important that we know about it now, even if he is an old man. That is no excuse.

I have a lovely little granddaughter and for her sake if for no other reason I want these people exposed and dealt with, with the full force of the law.

As for judges and the law, politicians and clerics, well 'ass' does not really cover it, does it?

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Hi Websailor, sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Since your response I believe the sentence has indeed been reviewed although I confess I am not aware of any outcome.

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