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Alcoholic drinks are good. Saving money is good. Creating wonderful things in your own kitchen is good. Sharing those wonderful creations with friends is good. Saving the world from gibbering multi-tentacled pan-dimesional death-dealing demons is good. This entry will show you how to achieve at least 80% of these goals.1

The First Bit

Making wines and beers at home is an excellent pastime. But to produce good homemade wines and beers takes a lot of effort, and a fair bit of trial, error and practice. Basically, you've got to give it some thought. However, making your own liqueurs can be a lot easier. The basic recipe is "Alcohol + Sugar + Flavouring + Time". You don't need any specialist knowledge; you've almost certainly got all the equipment you need; and most of the recipes can be reduced to "Shove everything in a bottle. Go away for a bit. Drink".

There's still a fair bit to be said, however, about alcohol, sugar, flavouring and time, and we'll try to throw in a few recipes to liven this up.

Let's start with the equipment.


This GuideML stuff takes some getting used to2, doesn't it?


Rum whiskey meths etc


White brown syrup


All sorts of stuff


But I'll keep working on it
1And, at most, 80% of these goals.2Though I now know how to do footnotes.

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