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H2G2 Mobile App?

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HG Gustwinger

Has anybody ever tried to make a mobile app for H2G2? I think it would be extremely convenient to have an easy way to access the site while out and about without having to jump through the hoops of accessing it via web browser. Also, it would be right in line with the guide if you could access it simply anywhere.

Plus, think of how much more we could grow the site, visitor numbers, usership, researcher base, and entry database if more people could find us that way and we could easily write on the fly while out at a location, or make updates and edits to entries of ours as we come across them. What do you all think of that?

H2G2 Mobile App?

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Baron Grim

I, personally, think it's a great idea. I think it's really what the creators had in mind where people could update the guide on the fly, on location.

Unfortunately, I don't think it would be feasible until all the bugs are worked out from where the BBC yanked out the DNA engine and tossed us to the wolves.

I'm sure the folks behind the scenes are working as best they can with the few resources they have and maybe one day it will happen.

H2G2 Mobile App?

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paulh, not fond of Lord Mudpants

Nevertheless, I hope some breakthrough happens that will allow this idea to go forward. smiley - smiley

H2G2 Mobile App?

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HG Gustwinger

Ah, okay. Is there anything us researchers can do to help work out the bugs or rebuild the engine?

Also, maybe there are some researchers out there who are able to write apps that might be able to work on this too?

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H2G2 Mobile App?

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