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RIP David Bowie

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Ground control to Major David...

RIP David Bowie

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Icy North

Never saw him live, but always wanted to. Sad loss smiley - rose

RIP David Bowie

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Sho - unemployed layabout

I managed to catch one of his tours, the first (I think) of his: OK I'm going to do all the old stuff this one last time, then that's your lot - from now on it's all new music" type of thing

(the one where people could vote on which songs he'd perform and eventually they came out and said "stop it now, he's never ever singing The Laughing Gnome")

And he was absolutely stunning.

RIP David Bowie

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Gingersnapper+Keeper of the Cookie Jar and Stuff and Nonsense

~ smiley - rose ~

RIP David Bowie

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Gnomon - time to move on

I'm surprised he survived as long as he did. He said that for one year in Germany he lived on nothing but milk, red peppers and cocaine. He produced some of his best music in that year, but could never remember anything about it afterwards.

But it was cancer that got him in the end, at only 69.

smiley - pggb

RIP David Bowie

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I was fortunate enough to see him at the 2004 Isle of Wight Festival, a force to be reckoned with. And 'Labyrinth' was one of my favourite films from my childhood. A sad loss


RIP David Bowie

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The Man Who Fell to Earth - Sorry to share that.

RIP David Bowie

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Hunky Dory was I think the second album I ever bought [ Slade - Old new borrowed and blue was first ] As an only child many an hour would have been spent in my room with a cheap record player listening to Bowie with the lyrics off the record sleeve in my hand.
I had good taste as a child, I still listen to loads of Bowie...the soundtrack to my life. smiley - rose

RIP David Bowie

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paulh. The world is a circus, and we all are clowns

I liked "Labyrinth" a lot. smiley - ok

His singing has graced such movies as "The Martian," "While we're young," "Foxcatcher," "Neighbors," "Secret life of Walter Mitty,"
"Perks of being a wallflower," "Mr. Popper's penguins," "Hanna," "Green Hornet," "It's kind of a funny story," "The kids are all right," "It's complicated," and many others. And I haven't even tried to list the TV shows....

RIP David Bowie

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Magwitch - My name is Mags and I am funky.

Maine Road, ages and ages ago.

BoB knows he was frelling brill.

Thanks for leaving us such a legacy.

RIP David Bowie

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Pink Paisley

Never a great fan really. He was too androgynous for a young man with spots and testosterone. However, he was always there influencing the music scene through my teenage.

I play in a band and have wanted to do a particular Bowie song for ages so when I heard the news this morning, I messaged the other guys . Simply - 'I'm going to chord up Rock n Roll Suicide.'

Silence until about 4 hours later when a band mate messaged us all, 'We should do a Bowie song.'

I AM the oldest in the band, but not THAT much older!

smiley - rofl


RIP David Bowie

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Icy North

You'll need to dress a la Bowie and Ronson in the glittery onesies. It just wouldn't work otherwise.

RIP David Bowie

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Sho - unemployed layabout

my uncle, who is responsible for my love of Bowie, and his band are doing Suffragette City - which is a great song anyway.

I'm still still a bit, stunned, really.

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h2g2 auto-messages

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Icy North

smiley - rolleyes

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paulh. The world is a circus, and we all are clowns

So the lounge has a soundtrack? smiley - winkeye

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