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Hello and Welcome to "The Worlds Navies... Easy index".

I have listed what's on the edited entry list for several reasons. The first is to make it easier to find any entry concerning the British, Commonwealth, American or any other Navy entry in H2G2, and the second is to identify gaps that researchers can fill. And it took over 3 hour to find this list using the H2G2 search system, people are not going to read them if can not find them.

If you are interested in the period please consider filling the spaces.

Its a bit like the H2G2 challenge without the free T shirt. There are 45 entries here from H2G2 authors. If I have missed any current entries please let me know and I will add them to the list.


  • HMS Victory - Entry needed
  • Flea Market, rescue : A23877147 clipper ship The City of Adelaide

    British Navy History

  1. The Method and Procedures of Nelson's Navy
  2. The History of the Royal Navy - Part 1 (882 - 1660)
  3. The History of the Royal Navy - Part 2 (1660 - 1815)
  4. The History of the Royal Navy - Part 3 (1815 - 1914)
  5. The History of the Royal Navy - Part 4 (1914 - 1945)
  6. The History of the Royal Navy - Part 5 (1945 - 2005)
  7. U.S.A. Navy History

  8. The USS Somer's Mutiny
  9. Notable Ships

  10. The Mary Rose'
  11. The Legend of 'The Flying Dutchman'
  12. HMS Warrior
  13. The 'USS Monitor' and The 'CSS Merrimack' Armoured Ships
  14. The Edwin Fox, Picton, New Zealand
  15. USS Nautilus - the First Atomic Submarine
  16. The End of the SS Canberra
  17. Navy Life

  18. The Crew of the HMS Victory at Trafalgar
  19. The Mystery of The Franklin Expedition to the Northwest Passage
  20. Rum
  21. Pusser's Rum
  22. Merchant Navy History

  23. The Tale of the 'Batavia' - Waiting in Turn to Die
  24. RMS Titanic - Myths and Mysteries, Facts and Fiction
  25. Hard Astarboard - a Titanic Controversy
  26. The RMS Titanic
  27. Remembering RMS Titanic - Commemorating the Centenary of her Sinking
  28. Famous Leaders - Hero's

  29. Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson: - The Early Years
  30. Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson: - The Years of Fame and Glory
  31. William Bligh - Vice Admiral of the Blue
  32. Hero's

  33. The Ramifications of the Execution of Admiral Byng in 1757
  34. Oliver Hazard Perry - Naval Hero
  35. Grace Darling - the Lighthouse Heroine
  36. Famous Leaders - Pirate

  37. The Vikings - Why They Did It
  38. Sir Henry Morgan - The Pirate King
  39. William Kidd - The Unlucky Pirate - Pirate
  40. Edward Teach - Blackbeard the Pirate
  41. Calico Jack Rackham - Pirate
  42. Bartholomew Roberts - The Great Pirate Roberts
  43. Major Stede Bonnet - Gentleman Pirate
  44. Charles Vane - Pirate
  45. Anne Bonny and Mary Read - Piracy and Sexual Deviance on the Spanish Main
  46. The Jolly Roger
  47. Sea Battles

  48. The Battle of Trafalgar
  49. Naval War of 1812
  50. The General Armstrong
  51. The ORP Blyskawica and the Cowes Blitz
  52. Navy History Expeditions

  53. Christopher Columbus - Explorer - Part One
  54. Christopher Columbus - Explorer - Part Two
  55. Christopher Columbus - Explorer - Part Three
  56. William Dampier - Pirate, Explorer and Naturalist
  57. Dr John Rae, Arctic Explorer
  58. Wrecks

  59. Isle of Wight Shipwrecks
  60. Ancient and Roman
  61. Medieval
  62. The Hundred Years War
  63. Mary Rose
  64. The Spanish Armada
  65. Sir Robert Holmes
  66. The Frigate Assurance and HMS Invincible
  67. Royal George
  68. HMS Pomone and Carn Brae Castle
  69. Clarendon
  70. HMS Eurydice
  71. Sirenia and Irex
  72. SS Eider and Alcester
  73. HMS Gladiator and the Submarine A1
  74. SS Virginia and HMS Alliance
  75. Pacific Glory
  76. The First World War Shipwrecks
  77. The Second World War Shipwrecks
  78. Ports

  79. Harwich, Essex, UK
  80. Liverpool's Slave Traders
  81. Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK p
  82. Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
  83. Southampton's QE2 Mile, Southampton, Hampshire, UK
  84. The Roman Navy1

  85. The Roman Fleet Types And Patrol Areas.
  86. Ships of the Roman Fleet.
  87. Roman Navy Ranks.
  88. The Naval and Coastal Defenses of Roman Britain.
  89. The Ballista And Trebuchet - Antique Catapults.
  90. Related

  91. A Day in the Life of Samuel Pepys
  92. Emma, Lady Hamilton: - The Early Years
  93. Olaudah Equiano: Slave, Sailor, Abolitionist and Author
  94. The Quasi-war Between the United States and France 1797 - 1800
  95. Horatio Hornblower, Royal Navy
  96. The General Armstrong
  97. Able Seacat Simon
  98. Ballistic Missile Submarines
  99. The Sea
  100. Lighthouses of Hampshire
  101. Lighthouses of the Isle of Wight
  102. Sea Shanties
  103. Futtocks
  104. The Krakatoa Eruption
  105. Naval Ocean Surveillance Satellites - a 'UFO'


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