The Post Quiz: Alcoholic Beverages In The Edited Guide

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Time to test yourselves, topers. What do you know about. . .

Alcoholic Beverages in the Edited Guide

The exterior of Port<br/>
Street Beer House, Manchester.

Whether you drink much, little, or not at all, you probably know what the words 'gin and tonic' mean, if only because you've read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Test your knowledge of potent potables, along with related figures and venues, below. Just don't sample too many of the wares before you're finished, or you may not get there.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Ales
    were the earliest forms of beer. They
    are fermented at warm
    temperatures by yeasts that float on the surface
    of the ____ (unfermented
  2. It might well be called a Doberman in a jar;
    '_____________' is the
    name given to an alcoholic drink comprising a
    'mixture' of ale and stout,
    or sometimes lager and stout.
  3. Many men have gone through life sipping
    beer and whisky, though few
    have made a career of it. Perhaps only one,
    English journalist
    _____________, managed to convert sips of
    fermented grain into prose that would ignite the imaginations of brewers, whisky
    makers, and drinkers
  4. The Haunch of Venison in ________ has
    the smoke-mummified hand of an
    18th Century gambler on show behind a sheet of
    glass in one of the
  5. A total of 1,224,000 litres of beer under
    pressure smashed through the
    twenty-five foot high brick wall of the building,
    and gushed out into the
    surrounding area – the slum of __
  6. Although served in a variety of ways, the
    basic components of a
    _________ are reassuringly consistent. You'll
    need one shot of
    Jägermeister, a can of Red Bull energy drink and
    either a _________ cup or, more commonly, a shot glass and a larger glass
    (normally a half pint glass)
    which the shot glass fits comfortably inside.
  7. Part of the whole ________-drinking
    experience is in your surroundings,
    so do your best. Ideally, you should be on a beach
    on the Gulf of Mexico,
    though any fantastic beach would work, or even
    no beach, if you're unfortunate enough not to be near one.
  8. The fact that the finished article 'tastes like a
    slice of _____
    wrapped around a large gold brick', suggests the
    sharpness, if not the
    taste, of fresh _____ in the final product.
  9. Two adventurers
    were packing for a safari
    and one of them was packing a
    pint of gin and a pint of vermouth. When the
    other adventurer asked why,
    the first replied, 'In case we get lost I'll mix a
    _______, someone will show up to argue that I did it wrong, and then
    we're saved!
  10. ...if the idea of imbibing privately-distilled
    ______ has scared you,
    here are two little tests to detect it. If you come
    across some of the 'bog
    water', pour a little into a saucer and light it. If it
    burns with a blue flame it's more than likely not too bad, but if it
    burns with any other
    flame - run away quickly.

How are you doing? Wait,
what are you
doing under that table? We warned
you about this quiz. As soon as your eyes focus,
click on the beer glasses
below (yes, there's more than one) to find out the

German beer being served at the<br/>
Hofbraeukeller Beer Garden.
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