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Entry: Sarmale, Romanian style - A87781701
Author: cucuruzandrei - U14995912

one of my favorite foods

A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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Hello - I'm very glad to see that you're making yourself at home in h2g2, and have submitted a second article. Romanian cuisine is definitely an area that has been neglected to date on h2g2.smiley - smiley

I'll be honest and admit that I'm not someone with any talent for cooking, so anyone who cooks anything always has my admiration. What I do like to suggest in recipe articles is that you include both metric and imperial measurements (as we hope that people from all around the world will read this, different people are used to different systems).

The other thing that caught my eye is that you included links to Wikipedia for a couple of points. Nothing wrong with that, but I think you should consider writing short explanations of what mamaliga and tuica are yourself rather than direct readers to go to a completely different website - if they leave your page, they might not come back! This can be included in footnotes to avoid interrupting the flow of your text if you'd like.

But an enjoyable entry about a recipe and its cultural background.smiley - ok


A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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thx for reply . i agree , i didn't find any Romanian recipes in h2g2 although we have a great cuisine . smiley - sadface

A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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Good to see that being rectified. smiley - ok

Again an enjoyable recipe, looks tastey, I haven't cooked it myself though.

A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

This looks totally yummy. You have settled an argument at my house, because the last batch of sarmale/halupke we attempted wasn't up to snuff. smiley - biggrin

May I offer a few proofreadings?

cabbage or vine leafs = should be 'leaves'. Maybe you should say 'grape leaves'?

'a wrapped think' = should be 'a wrapped thing'.


'vine leafs' = 'vine leaves'
'another herbs = 'Other herbs'

'in a vas' = 'in a pot', or 'in a saucepan'
'cabbage leafs' = 'cabbage leaves'
'Now, add water over (should reach halfway of the pot).' = 'Now, add water to cover (it should reach halfway up the pot).'

I agree - this MUST be served with mamaliga, sour cream, and tuica.

I hate that we can't spell tuica right. I mean, we can spell German, French, and Spanish...I've complained about this before, on the subject of Constantin Brancusi. Someday we will get equal-opportunity diacriticals.

Anyway, pofta buna!

(For the rest of youze, http://kingofromania.com/2010/04/23/expression-of-the-day-pofta-marebuna/ )

And put in a good mamaliga recipe next. smiley - winkeye

A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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Yeah , smiley - biggrin i am from Romania . i am not a native English speaker , but yeah , you're right , i should've been more careful.
anyway , thx for reply .

A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - ok Our non-native speakers are among our most treasured Guide Entry writers. Without them, we would be missing much vital information, including how to make a Westphalian cheese sandwich, or the intricacies of mango chutney. smiley - whistle

A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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This seems pretty good to me. smiley - smiley

I haven't tried this dish, but I've done a vegetarian dish of vine leaves stuffed with rice, which is best eaten cold. (The phrase 'vine leaves' is widely used in the UK. The US might use 'grape leaves'.) It certainly takes a while to cook - your two to two and a half hours sounds about right.

Two questions:
smiley - starWhen you say 'bird meat' do you mean chicken or turkey? It might be a good idea to spell this out.
smiley - starHow many people does your recipe serve?

One point to change - smiley - biro In the last point, I suggest saying 'Put a cover on the pot'

A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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- No , not chicken , i meant goose or duck meat , turkey too .
- That depends on how big the "sarma" is smiley - biggrin and how many rolls a guy can eat smiley - biggrin , i make 50 small rolls (1 kg meat.)

A87781701 - Sarmale, Romanian style

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Ah, good. smiley - laugh Add that information.

It's like our Appalachian word 'mess'. smiley - winkeye

'I'm going to pick a mess of greens.'

'How big a mess?'

'How many people are coming to dinner?' smiley - whistle

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Congratulations!smiley - bubbly

I look forward to seeing this on the Front Page.


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Galaxy Babe - spaghettified editor

Congratulations cucuruzandreismiley - applause

smiley - galaxysmiley - diva

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - applause

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Bravo cucuruzandrei. The first of a number of Romanian recipes perhaps? smiley - cool

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Galaxy Babe - spaghettified editor

PR thread readsmiley - biro

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