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Entry: Is it me? - A87779614
Author: DudeStarship - U14997709

about change

A87779614 - Is it me?

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Hello there DudeStarship. No, it's not you! I see you've had your official welcome to h2g2 from your ACE Nosebagbadger, but let me introduce myself. I'm h5ringer, one of the Guide Editors.

Reading through the stuff on your PS (Personal Space) I see you have not had the smoothest landing on this website, for which I'm very sorry. We would have hoped for it to have been a better experience for you than it has.

You have submitted an Entry to PeerReview for the Edited Guide, which is a repository for Entries (as we call them) on factual matters of all kinds. However we do not include in the Guide, Entries that would be described as fiction, poetry, opinion, blog, debate, personal experience etc. etc. As your submission falls into the personal experience category, I'm sorry to say but it is not suitable for inclusion in the Edited Guide.

However (and here's the start of the good news smiley - smiley) I like what you have written and am going to ask our <./>ThePost</.> Editor to have a look at your work. I think that might be a very good place for it to appear on h2g2, but he will be the best judge of that.

Please bear with us DudeStarship and we'll get back to you very soon.

Again welcome to h2g2 and let's hope you'll have an easier time from now on.

smiley - towel h5ringer
Guide Editor

A87779614 - Is it me?

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Hello, DudeStarship. smiley - biggrin I like this - it's thought-provoking. Making people think is a favourite pastime over at smiley - thepost.

Could we have this piece for a future issue of smiley - thepost? smiley - grovel If you say yes, the Editors will take it from there.

If you'd like to see what smiley - thepost is about, try A87773638.

Or if it's Sunday evening already, read the new one at A87773647.

Anyway, thanks for writing! Keep it up.

A87779614 - Is it me?

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Sadly DudeStarship has smiley - elvised. I would like to propose Back to Entry. Shame he didn't give permission for this to go in <./>ThePost</.>.


A87779614 - Is it me?

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Seconded smiley - ok

A87779614 - Is it me?

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

smiley - ok

A87779614 - Is it me?

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h2g2 Guide Editors

Removed from PR

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Peer Review: A87779614 - Is it me?

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