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How are ya?

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In the five years I spent as the only real caregiver to my
aging and dying parents I grew quite temperamental
and when anyone asked "How are ya?" I told them!

I leapt at the chance to tell them in grieved and agonising
detail how I had given up my job, my lover, my time and
my life to care for a couple of hopeless cases.

I had no time or any inclination to be pleasant or cordial
or to do anything but wallow in my own self-pity.

It was quite therapeutic to yell at well-meaning people
and unload a chestful of built up virtiolic bile. It cost me
what few friends I had left and turned me sour on most
human social norms. It peaked when I had to deal with the
final 'condolences'. I was cruel beyond rude in my scorn.

It has been ten years since and I have recovered my soul,
made new friends and learned to appreciate others in a way
I never had imagined - and I've learned to actually be quite
quietly supportive of anyone going through similar circumstances.

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How are ya?

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Hi jwf, please excuse my rudeness at not replying sooner. Your experience is possibly my worst fear and I have met carers who suffer more from the loss of the person they cared for than they ever did caring for them. Learning the balance is a tough process and I don't think I get it right all the time. Thanks for your thoughts. smiley - ok

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